The easiest way to a SIX PACK – and pushups for… BICEPS! *Yes, you heard me*
- Read on!

In the great book “Lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture” by Martin Farmer Burns which was originally I believe, sold as one of those “mail order courses” in 1914 – he (Burns, he of the “20 inch neck that reportedly survived a hangmans drop”) put it in a great bit about abdominal training – and how “his own abs were soft enough when relaxed, but if he tightened them with all his force, they’d become so hard that it would hurt a person that was PUNCHING them with all his might” .

(Please note I’ve no idea if this hangman’s drop and him surviving it is true – it might well be, those old time farmers and strongmen were something – but I wouldn’t recommend the average pencil neck doing a week of shrugs or what not and then rushing out to try this. Sorry – I had to put that part in there, too many “locos” out there)

There was more, and this isn’t verbatim – verbatim, from memory is this –

“My own abdominals are soft enough when relaxed.

But when I contract them as hard as I can, they become so hard that they might well do more damage to the person punching me than myself!”

I know I got it a bit wrong.

It “dont matter”, like a customer Charles once said “I love the way you paraphrase, while keeping the gist the same!” (I got his statement not verbatim too, hehe)

Anyway – you on this list might think I’m about to promote the ole Farmer’s deep breathing techniques, specifically, ONE of the exercises on the list which involves nothing but contracting the abs to achieve the results above.

I wouldn’t be doing you a disservice either by doing so – but heres the naked, unvarnished, unmitigated truth – while thats not a bad exercise in itself, it is hardly deserving of all the adulation it gets in terms of “results” – it only really works when combined with other exercises – and ONE of those, the “vacum” is what really, really sucks that gut in – it’s covered in Corrugated Core, not because its there in Burns’ course, but because … well, it WORKS.

I’ve done the Farmer Burns exercise with a few modifications, and dont get me wrong, it’s good, but some of the adultation doled out to it “inches will disappear within DAYS” is not quite “on the mark” (though they will if you work muscle contractions in with other exercises).

My friend, what I’m about to tell you here though ?

Is the easiest way to a six pack – and weight loss around the midsection – and it’s something Mike Tyson used all the time.

Herschel Walker.

Yours truly. Any boxer or wrestler worth his (or her) salt.

It’s nothing fancy.

It’s not a fancy variant of the exercise.

It’s old school, simple, time tested – and true – and its the simple mighty PUSHUP – the regular pushup at that.

Sure, Hindu wrestlers did, and do tons of “Hindu” pushups all the time

But if you look at their builds, the real lean and mean ones do a LOT of other things – a LOT of pulling – rope climbing – and such.

If you look at someone like Mike Tyson, his routine consisted of conditioning (roadwork) – sparring – and tons and tons of pushups, done in sets of 50 – I doubt he ever did much else other than the regular pushup.

Herschel Walker did plenty of variants, but you’ll notice that most of HIS training was done in the plank position too – or the PULL-UP position (or for conditioning, hill sprints, tyre sprints and such).

Nothing against the hindus, I love ’em.

But bottom line is this – NOTHING, and I’ve said this before, beats the regular pushup in terms of core work and conditioning – and if you dont have hills around – or stairs – haven’t invested in a jump rope (though you should!) – and so forth, well, your own two arms, two legs and BODY will do it for you.

Trust me, get good at the regular pushup and its variants my friend.

There is a reason I devote SO much space to those in Pushup Central! Nothing beats form on pushups done right when it comes to “six packs” (although that should not even be on your mind when doing pushups, but unfortunately, thats what people WANT – and there is nothing inherently wrong with wanting a lean, carved abs look of course!!) so get good, damned good at these my friend and BROTHER (or sister).

You’ll never look back, and you may be amazed at how your runs improve, stamina levels improve etc as your pushups done right do too!

Now, last thing – pushups for biceps?

Most people dont believe that.

But there’s one style of pushup that even my buddy from the Marines did not know about and did not do in high reps – and you know if an ex Marine doesn’t know about, its special! – that truly targets biceps in an indirect manner like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

This one is covered in Pushup Central too.

I still remember my friend doing them, and then nodding.

“Yeah, I can see how that would work the biceps!”

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Anyway – there’s a bit on it here –

Enjoy – and remember to get the best damn course out there on pushups ever, nothing like it out there (I challenge you to find one better or even anywhere remotely like it!) – and start to get in the best tricep and core SIZZLING shape of your life – NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

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