Mammoth, yet LEAN triceps
- That LOOK!

Huge arms is something we all want, my friend.

Yet, most people focus on the WRONG things to get it.

People focus on the bicep curls, the bench press and so forth to get that “huge arms” look.

The first is an utterly asinine “preening” workout – unless done in the right manner, and sitting on your arse in the gym looking into the mirror while doing ’em isn’t the right manner.

There is a time and place and WAY for curls, but in and as of themselves, they’re not going to build the gigantic arms you want my friend.

Neither will bench pressing, unless you’re doing other supplentary work – and the bench is a dangerous exercise best avoided for the long term in my opinion .

If you must do ’em, RESIST the urge to keep piling on weight, instead focus on form – part of which involves pushing consciously with the lats.

Yes, you heard me, the lats.

And that brings me to pushing – and the very best exercise you can do for not only triceps and shoulders – but LATS too.

Pushups done “old time strongman” style are the very best not just in terms of conditioning my friend, they’re the best in terms of building BRUTE upper body strength like no other exercise can, and they will also build massive arms within no time flat.

Your arm is made up for mostly triceps, the BACK of the body as I keep saying is most important, not the front that you can “See”.

Goes for chest, goes for biceps, the idiotic six pack craze, all of it.

Work the BACK of the body hard, you’ll naturally work the front – the reverse, barring squats etc – is not necessarily true.

Can you back it up?

There is a reason that saying is there, much like there is a reason pushups are the MAINSTAY and exercise of choice for most doers – and those that have accomplished at high levels.

Bruce Lee, Iron Mike Tyson, Herschel Walker to name a few.

Caveat though?

And trouble these days?

People do them in LETTER … poor form.

People preen and pose, and bounce up and down.

People dont touch the chest all the way to the floor on each rep which you must do (and YES, there are strength benefits to going down all the way and pushing all the way back up, not half ass “nose to floor” reps as it were. Isometrically too, these are KING – and they build ligament and tendon strength and flexibility like NONE OTHER).

So the caveat and “trouble” is the same – do them in proper FORM and with the right breathing – most people do precisely the opposite ie “showboating pushups” which I cannot BEGIN to tell you (well, I did in Fast and Furious Fitness and 0 Excuses Fitness!) how much that bloody annoys me.

Where it all started, where it keeps going strong, forever WILL!

Be the guy – the real man that can do 25 pushups in letter perfect form, not 100 in lousy form.

Be the man that KNOWS its about REPETITION.

“I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks ONE time, but I do fear the man who has practised ONE kick 10,000 times”. 

There is great truth in the above mentioned Bruce Lee saying and only a lazy ass would disagree in terms of reps.

Be the man – or woman – that knows its better to do 10 slow letter perfect pushups than 100 poor ones (and that the former – numbers included – is indeed tougher!).

And so forth.

Look, when you start getting good at pushups, you’ll stop thinking about “horseshoe triceps” and huge arms – those will come as a byproduct, as will your six pack.

Thats how it needs to be done, my friend.

And remember, most of the material out there on doing pushups is utter tosh – fancy crap that doesnt work.

Yours truly old school “bodyweight exercise Guru” as I’m called is the last of a “dying breed” – and I’ve got several stalwarts along with me today.

Together, we keep the spirit alive – in a manner that NO-ONE else comes close to.

If you’re interested in joining that very select bandwagon, my friend, then get Pushup Central NOW.

Truly the one course out there that will build those “huge guns” within no time flat if you do it right!


Rahul Mookerjee

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