My thoughts on the hammer grip pull-up …
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I’ve been meaning to talk about this for a while now, and today is a great day to talk about hammer grip pull-ups – a variant many people love, and something which I’ve discussed the “is it better variant” question in the past as well.

Now, I’ve said in the past the hammer grip pull-up is a great VARIANT on the pull-up – much like Hindu pushups, and other forms of pushups are a great VARIANT of the regular pushup – but all too often, REGULAR is ignored in favor of fancier (and often easier).

And here’s the first bottom line – with regard to hammer grip pull-ups, they’re a LOT, LOT easier to do than pull-ups and chin-ups done right.

MUCH easier than pull-ups, and easier than chin-ups as well which the latter option I don’t really recommend for most people – reasons already stated before, my friend – how often do you pull that way “pronated” in real life at all??

Do what is NATURAL my friend – and pull-ups, my brother and friend – and SISTER – yes, women can do these much better at times than “men” or so called men kipping their way up or simply being fat, unfit or with huge beer bellies and such – – are the natural – and toughest form of the exercise – and workout – and therefore, everyone, bar one needs to get VERY GOOD at the pull-up – regular pull-up – BEFORE YOU start on what is mentioned in Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD – within weeks.

EVEN when you get to advanced level, never ignore the basic pull-ups my friend.

And as far as hammer grips, many people – especially those that are overweight – will do these and ignore the regular pull-ups – because they’re easier.

A lot easier to get your chin over the bar with these than the regular pull-ups done right, yet, thats not an excuse to ignore the regulars, or say “my body type is different so …”


Your body type ain’t different, your fat and unfit (to those that say it) or you have too much flab around the midsection , period, the pull-up brutally exposes this FACT like NO other exercise – or few other – can.

And if you’re doing hammer grip “because it’s easier” or the above FACT (ie too much fat around midsection, etc) then you’re turning it into the lazy man’s excuse making version of pull-ups which is not good- not right – the exercise deserves far better, and YOU – those of you this is applicable to – KNOW IT.

A person recently (well, weeks ago) that cannot do squats in anywhere near proper form and certainly NOWHERE near the fabricated numbers this nut keeps espousing “they’re boring!” he keeps saying about squats and pushups while “molly coddling himself or herself” with easier exercises like step ups etc – well, you’re turning another super exercise there (steps or step ups) into the lazy man’s excuse for not being able to do squats properly.

Sure, thats your choice pal – but the fact stands and back to pull-ups?

BIG people – STRONG people – not FAT people – can do PLENTY of pull-ups.  By that I mean REGULAR pull-ups, slow and steady, chin over bar, pause, all the way down, inhale, exhale back up and so forth.

Vince Gironda, Doug Hepburn, The Gama with his pulling workouts – the list goes on and on and on my friend.

Having said all this – if you’re content to bench the house and have a huge belly, by all means have it, but those that want a Corrugated Core for one will want to get damn good at pull-ups … done right. It ain’t my biz to tell you how to train – but it IS my biz to point out the facts, and I have.

And I’ve put some great, great tutorials out today on pull-ups – PART of those are available on my Youtube Channel. (these are PART of the paid download video for “Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!).

Back to hammer grip pull-ups – ALONG with regular pull-ups, these are great for grip and bicep – and lat work – but a much ignored portion of pull-ups done right, and getting better at them is triceps.

PULLING with the triceps is an alien concept for most, however, it’s been covered in the video above, its ALSO a KEY to getting better, much better at pull-ups – or getting started if you cannot do a single repetition properly.

Anyway thats that.

Back soon!

And place your order for the products above NOW if you want to get better at pull-ups starting TODAY.


Rahul Mookerjee

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