Really scraping the bottom of that barrel aint we …
- And that barrel seems endless! Hehe

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With all the price wanking, mongering, trolling and (of course the resulting SALES – YES!!!) goin on as of late, I had to mention THIS – but not so much to mention it for the sake of mentioning it.

First, some brief background – and some questions.

Why would an adult male choose to mooch off of – or live off – a woman – a perfectly (other than the self inflicted obesity and sloth bear like laziness) “healthy in all regards” guy who could go out and get a job if he so wanted as opposed to sit at home all day, pretend to “work” and troll all day long …

I dont know – as Rocky said “get a job, you bum!”

“The bum off the streets”, except this one is lucky enough to have a spoon stuck in his mouth for him, which I guess for some is the way to go.

Ask Bozo Schofield, he’s even given it to me in writing.

“The Bozo’s scams pay off, so why wouldn’t he!”

Believe it or not, that was Bozo writing about himself in the third party – apparently he picked up a hint or two from my writing -hehe.

Anyway this other fat adult male who whines and complains about any real exercises and workouts – and the way he looks “shows” – another “why” here – why would someone choose to first off sit at home all day is beyond me, but why they wouldn’t use that time productively – and they have a hell of a lot of it to be honest – to get in SHAPE – real shape – is beyond me as well, geez, with the amount of time fat boy has on his hands, it’s a pity he uses it to get – well, even fatter by the day apparently “jowly” is what comes to mind when I see him.

Of course, he pretends to “work” for a living by being an affiliate.

But hes been routinely booted from each and every fitness pro he’s worked with – including yours truly (when I say “worked with” – its me being kind – what he basically does is “throw shit against the wall and see what/if sticks”). . .

. . . not to mention his selling prowess, lets just say he struggles to sell even $8 ebooks.

If at all …

And the latest from this troll factory is “powerful supplements that are the VERY BEST ever” (literally crap that others have called out for being downright dangerous) (which I wonder, how do people like this live with themselves, literally endangering people’s lives – those foolish enough to buy stuff like that) – and “get it for LESS than $FIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE on Kindle”. Hehe.

Now, from his standpoint I get it.

He doesn’t need to actually pay any bills, or even buy his daily quota of slushy mushy doughnuts and beer – wifey handles it all. He simply pouts and takes what she gives him, again, if thats the way someone wants to live, by all means do it, but it doesn’t bode well for either being self reliant (not that he’d know the meaning of the word) or selling anything worth a damn (he has no incentive to do so).

These clowns and SJW types that constantly piss and moan neither have a life nor any money of their own and it sure shows!

Less than $5?

I dont know about you, my friend – but I DO know about me – and most of the “0 Excuses Fitness faithful”.

Show the last group – last two groups, actually – “a great product you can buy for CHEEEEEEEEEEEP!” – and chances are excellent and second to none we’ll run in the opposite direction my friend.

Really, I dont know what snake oil fat boy is peddling at the moment, but even snakes must be valuing their own work highly enough to sell for more than $5?

I’ve no idea … I’d rather I get comments like this on my books – indeed, I’ve put it up very proudly on my products page …

Hopeful “nutjob-cum-SJW” points out that the authors books are reassuringly expensive and I have to agree they’re not cheap, however, as I’ve pointed out in a previous review of the authors material, you cannot put a price on knowledge, if you want the authors knowledge you have to pay what he is asking, otherwise you’ll miss out.


Reassuringly expensive is how I prefer my OWN products to be, and what I buy as well.

I was having this discussion about buying vegetables with the wife, buying it online is a hell of a lot cheaper, she gets them from the local “farmer’s market” (or equivalent) – and I get them from nearby vendors which I never thought I’d do.

First option – cheapest, yet, lowest quality.

Second, middle price – yet, you gotta GO there at THEIR time to get the stuff – decent quality.

Third – they charge you, yes. But it’s great stuff, fresh stuff, tastes awesome, and comes to your doorstep – along with other side benefits I have not mentioned here.

No prizes for guessing which I choose (ah wait, I mentioned it already).

And no I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, neither do I have one now, neither would I want it.

It’s simple, to me I go by this mantra – you get what you pay for.

And selling $5 fitness ebooks – never ever around here.

In fact, the price has already gone up on Pushup Central and Squat 101 with all the great video material we’ve added to the paid downloads.

No bottomless barrel to scrape here, I’d rather aim at the sky my friend.

So should you, but hey, only you can make that decision …

Alright, I’m out -but I had to mention that. Damn, that made me google – goggle, for those who understand, hehe – I’ll say that much!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Those of you wanting Jump Rope Mania – the time to invest is NOW. Price is still what it is before despite the workout and tutorial video being added, but it will go up in the New Year – guaranteed. Get your hands on the best damn course there is on jumping rope, straight from the old timers to YOU – NOW. (at the price it is NOW as well).

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