My, the excuses some – or a lot – of people come up with to avoid pull-ups!
- Or harsh truths in general.

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I’ve never been one to shy away from harsh truths personally.

It’s something that has put me at odds with most people from the get go – most of those being people I dont want around me in the first place.

I’ve never understood, for one, why if you live in a certain country, you have to, as my wife says “Since you’re eating their food” – praise “everything” about that country, whether its your own or not.

Even if it IS your own country, I mean – what good comes from praising “everything” about it – including that which is bad and needs to be improved?

I wonder when calling a spade a spade became “taboo” – I believe starting around the mid 1980’s…

I mean, constructive criticism is something Ive always welcomed – found great – taken on as a challenge – fitness wise, life wise, every which way – Ive improved myself where and as I needed to – and I’ve come out tops every damn time.

Even our latest videos etc on on Youtube, racking up the views and that – dont get me wrong, I am STILL NOT a video person – but since 99.9999999% of people can’t do without their daily youtube like they can’t without dumbphones and oxygen in general – well, there we are too, and for a guy who never did them, well, the spectacular growth in that area is something I gotta talk about here – if just in this sentence!

In the coming year, we’ll be focusing heavily on what Charles Mitchell, a customer of mine asked me to do in 2020.

“DO IT! You’re the real deal, which is why I dont mind paying more for your books!”

I still hear him saying that. Yes, you, Charles – and thank you – and you’re right!

That being, one arm work – both one arm pushups and pull-ups, before moving on to muscle ups and the like .

I still remember a guy asking me “in awe” in 2018 if I could do them.

Back then?

Yes, but nowhere near what I can do now.

And you’ll be seeing books and courses out on that as well.

For now, excuses – on the pull-up – the one exercise along with the squat everyone looks to avoid (handstand pushups and dips being more of those “avoid” exercises).

Fat folks that fool themselves into thinking they’re big – weaklings, people with big guts in general, trolls with no life, and so forth …

A LOT of people make excuses to avoid the pull-up, show up to deadlift – or sit down at the utterly useless lat wank-down machine – and so forth.

Yesterday, I was doing monkey bar work out there in the park, followed by hammer grip pull-ups.

I still remember the kids trying to do what I was and the adult (their Dad) telling them “you can’t do it the way he is, so smooth, so effortlessly!”

I dont say that to ask you to say “WOW!” to me.

I say that because I wish he would have done one more good thing in addition to the one good thing he was doing, not bothering me, yet noting my form from a distance (as opposed to a certain braying jackass staring holes through me literally) …

yes, effortless is how it should be, yes, locking the legs is how it’s done!

But, he could have told his kids “you can do it too!”

Anyway, maybe he did tell them that later, but back to pull-ups …

A certain troll trying to find more inventive excuses for his utter lack of ability to do any sort of pull-up properly (and its only getting worse) wrote about how “pull-ups are not required for a strong back, or something about “pulling isnt required, its a myth!””

Then he started ranting about how he sits at home watching Jenna Jameson suck and “wont make resolutions” or what not – typical juvenile “at the age of almost 40” nonsense, anyway, we’ve spoken about this loser enough, but lets focus on the training part …

Pulling isn’t required for the back, he claims, it’s a myth.

According to this nut job dancers dont do pull-ups yet have solid backs (where he got the former is a mystery – of course, he ignored the hundreds of squats dancers do – along with pull-ups, plenty of them too) …

His main theory was, once I got past the eye watering nonsense he spouts, that “pulling isn’t required for a strong back”.

Well, I guess the counter to that is this –

“Pushing isn’t required for a strong chest”.

Pulling works the chest – pushing works the back.

It’s as simple as that, you dont isolate the body my friend.

And anyone thats foolish enough to say something like that – well, they’re free to say it, but if you see this guy anywhere near you trying to sell you dodgy $5 supplements or what not – take off like the WIND. Hehe.

Like Brooks Kubik once said in Dinosaur Training, punch him, and RUN like the wind (if he’s trying to talk you out of weights or something).

Of course, that is not meant to be taken literally.

But really, sure – you can develop the back with pushups alone and nothing other than that, but nothing beats the FACT that if you cannot pull yourself up to the bar, chin over bar, for reps – then you’re not really strong.

There are few more functional exercises than the pull-up and pushup, my friend. There is a reason the US military even in it’s unfortunately “woke” state – and any serious military around the world focus intensively on these as a baseline – along with other work like rope climbing, log carries and the fancy stuff that gets all the attention, but never forget the Seals knocking out hundreds of pushups daily in the cold, wet sand …

Or the Marines doing it till their arms fall off almost (same with pull-ups).

Those are the baseline for any serious fitness trainee as well my friend – or should be.

And saying that “pulling isn’t required to build the back” – well, statements like this usually come from people who cannot and have never (because they’re too fat and lazy mostly) DONE the thing themselves, like comments to the nature of “500 squats are boring!”

They’re many things, but ask anyone thats ever done them at any level, boring, they’re not.

And they’ll whip your ass into shape quicker than a lot of the rot out there masquerading as “fitness” will.


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Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Some of you will read this, and “do nothing”. In that case, my friend, especially if you come back later to complain about price, you’re neither a doer nor really interested in your health and fitness at any level, and probably dont need to be on this list, if thats you, well, you know what to do.

If you’re a doer though, write back and (other than the products I’ve already mentioned) tell me about what YOU want to see in the New Year from us!

Remember, its about getting YOU in the best shape of your life.

It’s about our products improving your life both fitness wise and otherwise, that is what this is all about!

So write back – have your say!

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