One arm hangs, and more tips on the road to doing, and getting better at one arm pull-ups!
- And more.

Lots to share today, those of you on the youtube channel know it already!

Here, I’ll just mention and talk about one arm hangs, a superlative exercise to build strength throughout the entire upper body, brute gorilla like grip and shoulder (and upper body) strength like NO OTHER exercise can build … especially done on thick bars.

Getting good at these is one of the first steps to be able to do, first just “do” and then do them effortlessly – one arm pull-ups, that holy grail of upper body strength training along with one arm pushups and perhaps other even more advanced exercises like the muscle up – even more advanced ones like the Iron Cross, but I’m getting ahead of myself here!

Anyway, while I was working out at the park – I was the only one damn near. NO-ONE was working out – everyone was enjoying the sun and eating, drinking etc – which made my own workout a lot more special, as you can see from some of the videos I put out today.

One guy even called me “the perfect guy” and asked me where I was from and wouldn’t believe me when I told him.

Long story, I laughed.

Then I asked him where he was from, from Kashmir (India).

He looked the part too …

But I told him I wasn’t perfect, that he could be perfect too (admittedly I was truly doing my workout in letter plus perfect form today, but still!) – if he DID the thing.

“No, not me”, I laughed.

“Practice makes perfect, not “me” makes perfect””.

And it does!

Anyway, looking at the views etc on this latest video, I can sort of understand what he meant.


I even did a “shirt off special” today which is out in the Ship as of now, not “publicly” (I’d rather NOT make a show of myself if you get my drift unlike certain Bozos doing it)

Anyway, a tutorial on the one arm hang here –

More in the book when it comes out, be a while before that happens given all else in the works.

Anyway, thats that for now.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – More great stuff here –


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