Nosey parkers lunatic sorts that can neither stop saying “can’t” nor can they stop staring holes through you like buffoons and neither can they keep their long noses out of other’s business!
- Wow, that was a long title.

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Thats a long title, lets see if the email goes through!


But really, it annoys me no end – and no, guys aren’t the only culprits here, women can often be and are worse (When it comes to us men).

What do I mean, well, I’ve written before about jackasses showing up JUST when I start training in the park – JUST at the very area I’m at, despite the whole park being empty otherwise.

I’ve ranted galore about ass clowns who ask me to work my mind and not body when I do pull-ups.

I’ve pissed off and tried to avoid, often unsuccesfully many a bloody joker and fool who claims “I want that” but isn’t willing to put in the work required to get it.

And mostly men I’ve written about .

This afternoon, it was that sort of day – every where I went in the park, I saw idiots galore all ready to poke their long noses where it didnt belong. Winter seems to bring more of this buffoon type out, swathed in their damned Arctic clothing when it ain’t even that cold.

So it was a “walk the park 200 pushup day” – every 50 pushups  I threw a walk in to another corner of the park. Hehe. To find some PEACE and quiet, lol.

Which I sort of found, sort of not.

Anyway, at my pull-up stand – two idiot girls gabbing about “playing Ludo on the phone” or some bullshit showed up, by the look of them you could tell they were utter losers, nothing to do other than kill time and not productively at that – and they were saying that much.

Now, I’m used to women staring at me when I Exercise, especially with shirt off, but sometimes, it just bloody annoys me.

Like “get your chicken asses out of here” as ole Rocky would have said.

But unfortunately macho and real men that aren’t old dont get away with half of that with women, who would pull the “we’re women crap” instantly and have cuckolds and SJW’s lined up (white knights too) to “defend” them though they dont know them from Adam. (or Eve).

This Nazi feminist sort, and their cuck enablers. Ugh. I NEVER interact directly with them- its a losing battle – instead, I PROFIT from this sort as explained in my book HERE (which is a must grab if you’re a real man, it’s Mgtow x 1000 – reborn, reinvented, in a manner you never imagined, yet brutal and hard hitting, and REAL!).

She wasn’t content with staring a hole through me, as I got up to do pull-ups, she muttered something about “but thats too hard!”

Then I warmed up before doing Gorilla Grip work.

“Oh, he’ll NEVER be able to do that!”

You know, a guy would have got smacked in the face by then .

And most guys, even if they would say it – if the other guy turned around and stared ’em down most would back down – even if they could whip the other guy’s ass, its got nothing to do with it, guys know damn well a fight could break out.

Women, of course, these Nazi feminist cunts know nothing will happen to them ….

(they wouldn’t dare try that with other women or get the shit slapped out of them – literally. I’ve seen it happen in China so many times!)

And it pisses me off, no goose and gander, hence I put out courses on MEN benefiting from it like this one – of course thats men that aren’t too CHEAP to invest in their own well being.

Not to mention, never?

I can’t recall the number of times someone has told me “never” or cant – and I’ve done that same damn thing almost eerily down the line. (and no, for the lazy asses reading this, that “manifestation” didnt just happen by thinking about or Law of Attraction shmuckola – I did the thing, and like Emerson said, “got the power”, but it wasn’t GIVEN TO ME!)

As I did my monkey bar work, the girls shut up, feeling stupid as they muttered something about “we thought he couldn’t do it, but he’s doing it so smoothly, casually, slowly, relaxed” …


Reminds me of the time I once went to a store in NY, I believe, my fat self and my girlfriend then with fatter legs, hehe – and the fattest black dude we ever saw walked in there too.

I was rummaging around the beer section, girlfriend comes up to me, as if she was going to say something in a conspiratoral tone.

“He said he likes my legs!”

Now, I dont know if fat black dude saw me with her – likely not.

But I stared him down, he didnt stare away – but he said nothing more.

I have had incidents happen with women like that, guess who “had” to back down. Wasn’t the goddamned woman for one!

I HATE shit like that – cunts like that who use their gender to unfair advantage. True equality anyone? Fuck!

Anyway ..

If that was today, black dude woudn’t even dare say anything. Back then we were both fat, the girlfriend was fat, so nothing much would have happened on any side, with me these days, ain’t no telling what would happen, then again, knowing how I am, I’d make some comment which would not just stop him in his tracks but send him running for the hills because it would make him look dumber than a box of rocks so to speak.

My words can cut deep. They’re meant to. They’re real!

Anyway – another great workout in the books.

Another great lunch down the gullet.

As we head up to my birthday tomorrow, all 42 years of yours truly infesting the planet, hehe – or inspiring, depending upon what some people think – well, I’ve got nothing but good going on everywhere.

I’m thinking a jump rope workout tomorrow morning.

Wait a minute.

I’m supposed to do the thing, and then tell the world about it.

Lets see if that jinxes it!

Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken, hehe.

And thats that.

Back soon, guys!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pushup Central is REALLY starting to make waves now – pick it up right HERE and see for YOURSELF what the fuss is all about!

I( Dont know what it is about pullups and pushups, but they go well together with REAL MEN, just like excuses and whines go along well with fat liberal sorts, losers, Mamas boys that never grew up and their ilk … )

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