The secret to Gorilla Grip – or monkey bar work -that will set your shoulders ABLAZE!
- And build lumps of muscle to boot.

Quick note here, pally.

The secret to Gorilla Grip – or monkey bar work -that will set your shoulders ABLAZE! – and build lumps of lean, corrugated STRONG rebar like muscle all along your upper back and body – and have people not just calling you Da Xing Xing i.e. Gorilla in Chinese, but LOOKING And feeling like one too – and best of all?

When doing monkey bar work – something I highly recommend in all its shapes, guises and forms – something that REALLY builds the grip “animalistic style” better than any gripper or weight could ever build it – the REAL secret to it is not even mentioned directly in Battletank Shoulders, but if you look at the photo, you’ll get the drift.

It’s one thing to knock them out one rung at a time.

When you can do them two at a time, back and forth for reps on thick bars, you’re approaching stud level, when it’s three at a time, especially the wide grip runs, you’re AT stud level, but …

The real key is not just swinging yourself back and forth.

It’s this – you GRIP and squeeze the bar as tightly as you can as you swing yourself along.

Wait a minute, you say.

Thats already mentioned in the book.


IT is.

Real trick is something you do along with this, which you’ll pick up yourself as you get better at it – that being to FACE the side where your hand is – the front hand. And you literally rotate from side to side when doing this monkey bar work like a …. well like a little girl said the other day, a monkey.


Ever seen a monkey do monkey bar work in a straight line?

I didnt think so.

But we’ve all seen how apes effortlessly swing themselves across trees at ANGLES all day long, and THAT, my friend is the key to building Tarzan like SHOULDERS – strength and power – while the Janes stare at you, hehe, lust in their hot little eyes and so forth …

Or, you could swing with Jane in one arm.


Point is, thats the secret.

In the future I’ll have some great videos out on it, for now, the Gorilla Grip book will suffice, as will Gorilla Grip (TIPS!) – and Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) – believe it or not, my gorilla motifs have been copied by many a fool as well. Hehe. So be it. This sort never really realizes the damage they do to themselves by literally apeing me – so be it. Better for me anyway, I profit from these trolls! 

And thats that.

Enjoy that grip sizzler!


Rahul Mookerjee

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