When the suit of muscles comes off…
- And it often does, heh

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I just saw a dude come home and sink down onto the sofa saying something to the effect of “Home Sweet Home, Home is where you can be yourself!”

And then he takes his shirt off.

Displaying a solidly built bodybuilding like body, rippling muscles …

… and he tears one layer off – literally.

Like you would rubber off … well, anything.

It isn’t gross.

Theres no blood at all.

But a huge gaping gap where the muscles were.

Hilarious, yet, when he tugs at his long lustrous hair and takes off a wing to reveal a completely bald pate … well, even more hilarious.

And this continues until he’s shown to be a skinny dude with sticks for arms and he attempts a bench press while his wife “spots him”.

The bench is with an even skinnier broomstick.

And, crowning dignity or indignity, he can’t even budge that damn thing while the wife looks on with a stern expression “whatever”.

This was on FB, the wife showed me, and the daughter loved it, “LOLing” away.

It was pretty fun, I’ll admit – much like the meme a certain Vicky once sent me about “client requirements” and “client budget” – the former with a solid six pack, the latter with corn cob abs or something (can’t remember the exact meme, you guys must have seen it on here!).

But it reminded me of what is reality – especially for a lot of gym goers.

Funnily enough I received one of those gym invitations in the mail today.

Apparently I’m invited to “Salman Khan’s gym” (if you dont know the former, you’ve probably lived under a rock for a bit which is fine, hey) – will I go?

Nooooooooooo way, Jose, though I’d love to meet Salman someday. Hehe.

But anyway – remember the story of the guy mentioned in Shoulders like Boulders! – tiny pecker and two heart surgeries before 25?

Or, the guys you hear about that can barely lift their arms up to put on their T shirts, they’re in so much pain constantly?

Or the boobybuilder who once tried to put a picture on the wall, and collapsed dead from a heart attack due to the “exertion”?

Or, the guy with massive muscles that can barely ascend a gentle flight of stairs without collapsing – let alone carry Grandma up them?

And so forth.

None of that is heresay.

It’s the truth my friend.

Ask Ronnie Coleman how much pain he was in – or is in – ask him if he could do handstand pushups – ask any boobybuilder to pump out reps of pull-ups done properly – and so forth.

Ask them to do a 100 squats without pausing – just bodyweight!

And so forth.

Chances are they wont just fail at these simple tests, they will fail miserably, some may even “pass” while doing so – no, I’m not kidding, there’s plenty of proof out there on this.

Its great to be Superman, my friend, but when that suit comes off?

That suit better be real is what I say.

And while superman pushups are an advanced version of pushup that will truly build REAL Superman like strength throughout your entire body – – they will be covered in the upcoming book Advanced Plyometrics – that isnt’ what I’m talking about here, what I’m talking about is REAL strength, real conditioning that doesnt quit, muscles that work for tasks you require to complete in daily life, or while playing sports, etc – health that allows you to live until a 100 or more – and so forth.

There’s nothing, my friend, that beats the NATURAL way of training.

And a great way to train is like ANIMALS train.

Walk like the grizzly does – move like the big cats do.

Waddle around like a duck, or stand in the flamingo pose (it will build flamingo legs up that so many bodybuilders have into something far more substantial for one!).

Pushups, pull-ups, squats, the whole shebang, all of that is great, but you need to find a way to work something even more natural into your routine along with the above – and animal like movements fit the bill completely.

The great book Animal Kingdom Workouts covers no less than SIXTY EIGHT of these splendid movements and exercises, and gives you ass kickers of workouts at the end of the book.

I dont believe I cover another very splendid animal like movement – monkey bar work in the book, or maybe I did – but Gorilla Grip – and Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) both mention it.

None of the above will build Ronnie Coleman muscles, I hate to disappoint you.

It wont win you bodybuilding competitions.

You likely wont be preening, oiling and posing with the bros.

No 19 inch biceps or …50 inch chests (though Herschel Walker might disagree on the last, hehe).

But … it will build a lean, rock solid hard body – with a corrugated core – a back that is as strong as it looks – shoulders with brute “animal like power – legs that can hold a squat mid-squat “horse stance” or “wall chair without a wall” without breaking a sweat – forearms with cords running up and down them that have amazingly super grip strength (even my Mom is commenting on how strong my daughter is – with handstand pushups and bear crawls and such she does) – a heart that is healthy – a body that rarely gets afflicted with any sort of flu or common cold – boundless energy and stamina – and gumption and will power to achieve any goal you set for yourself – in spades.

And thats just off the top of my head, friend.

I’d rather those attributes, they’re REAL.

You, well, take your pick.

All my books and products build this in you, my friend.

But specifically the ones mentioned above – and curiously enough, despite my love for animal like movements, I haven’t put out a lot of video on that as of yet – but that will change very soon.

That’s that, for now, remember not to be the guy or gal with a fake suit of muscles, hehe.

The joke will always be on you if so, of course, if you like that then … ????


Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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