Another utterly useless gadget…
- This time for the back

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Lower back pain is just increasing by the day my friend – along with turkey neck and too much fat in general for the vast majority of dumbphone addicted buffoons (people in general these days) that I wrote about the other day.

And this my friend presents – and has for years – a solid biz opportunity for me that I could capitalize on and make money – more money probably than what I make through my products now.

But sometimes, its not about money.

It’s about results. Its always about results, actually. I’ve always taken the long term approach to biz and believed that if you provide great value, great results are a given down the road -and I’ve been proven right on ALL occasions with regard to this, economy good or bad, people or no people, whatever excuse you might think of.

These ab gadgets people keep using – other than ab roller, which has value, and I might sell in the future, all utterly useless.

“Tummy trimmers” top that list of useless.

Then these numerous gadgets for back pain – like what you see in car seats for one.

Years ago, my Dad had one of these in the back seat, I asked him what it was.

“Thats uncomfortable!” I said.

So it was.

So it was my friend, it was UNNATURAL TOO.

This was in 2008 I think. He told me “well, you dont have back pain. you dont need to use it”.

That I did not – my 250 pushup daily workouts took care of all the back pain I never had. Hehe.

Right now of course I’m at between 350-400 a day – hey, wait.

Wasnt I supposed to get older?

Aren’t there a plethora of fat buffoons and know it alls and people that do nothing other than wack off to what others say and find reasons to moan about price etc (while of course being a troll in a lot of cases and putting down products they have never even read or tried) that say “your joints will wear out with age” or some such utter nonsense.

No they wont – not if you do it right – not if you combine isometrics the way I teach into your program – and many other things.

But back to back pain …

Muck – much, hehe – like the self help shamians making a fortune off of silly affirmations that end up doing the opposite of what they’re promised to accomplish – there’s companies making big bucks off these gadgets.

The wife, with all the sitting on the bed she so loves bought one of these.

Its in my Amazon account. Ugh. (I bought it for her since apparently her Amazon wont work or something. I tried to tell her it’s a problem at her end, she wouldnt listen, oh well. Of course, if I needed help like that – you think she’d ever help? No way, Jose – I asked for something on my birthday, minor thing, nothing doing. Ah, these lovely Nazi feminists and trolls I so profit from – anyway …)


I could tell the wife how to avoid back pain, but what is the point?

She’d just mock me in response “he think he knows it all”.

Which I dont mind, but it would be pointless to bring it up in that case.

THen, logic.

I could point her to my results.

I could point her to my IBS ridden body years ago, my phat phock status back then, my health and fitness just improving dramatically with age while hers is the opposite – she aint the only one by the way, the vast majority of folks out there are like her.

And she – and them – would find nothing but EXCUSES to justify where they are in life, fitness wise or otherwise.

Fine and dandy, when people are lazy thats how they are.

It has to come from within, I dont waste my time “where I’m not wanted” or valued or where – most pertinently it wont make any impact. I’m all about logic and results – the RATIONAL MALE. (far too many men aren’t).

Anyway …

Youd think the back bridge is by far the best thing to sort lower backs out -as I explain in 0 Excuses Fitness.

Truth is, and I’ve written about this before, the FRONT bridge is equally important – and is much ignored as well.

Truth also is, there is another exercise which takes the bridge to another level – that I’ve perfected at a level I’ve seen NO-ONE else do – period –

And thats just a snippet – see how I’m “in bliss” even before starting this exercise. Hehe, the “14 year old” as I was called..

I’d rather be called that the rest of my life than old and fat – or plain fat and lazy. Hehe.

This exercise along with plenty of front bridging and planking done right will resolve back pain , keep the expensive chiros away (isn’t it funny how idiots bitch about the price of books “one time price” but then charge their credit cards each month or 2 weeks or what not with repeated visits to the doc, chiro, whatever? Moronic I feel..) – eliminate the need for these silly gadgets people spend money on – and what not.

Dont get me wrong, if you want to spend your money on that crap, by all means spend it. Its YOUR money, not mine. Hehe

All I can do is point you in the right direction.

And trust me, as a client once said.

THIS one exercise made me feel better at the age of 63 than ANYTHING I’ve ever done.

This guy has seen it all in terms of bodyweight exercise books – manuals – he’s got a collection that hes been kind enough to share with me that dates back to the 70’s and 80’s in terms of info – and he’s rightly said my products take things to ANOTHER level altogether.

Some food for thought for you rational folks out there – and of course, plenty of fodder for fat or not trolls to jump on. Hehe (though these trolls are usually too damn fat, and thats what pissed them off the most, hehe).

And thats that – oh wait.

The book he was referring to, and indeed, its a one stop cure for not just back pain,but also reducing fat all over the body with the deep breathing this will induce – and more – spinal health x 10 – and more – but also FEELING the best you ever have in ages.

And that friend, is that.

Get it NOW.

Get it HERE.

And leave your own review – for this one, I’ll hook you up with an auto 20% discount off your next purchase instead of the standard and statutory 10 – this book is that special – to me – and for you too!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – No, you ain’t seen it in 0 Excuses Fitness. You saw part of it there, but the REAL DEAL is revealed in THIS book. Get it now.

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