Yet another reason I dont like preening and posing …
- Pointless, my friend.

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Yet another reason I dont like it – well, in a word, its utterly … pointless!

Lots of people in the fitness world, gyms etc – preening, posing, oiling … “strong armssssssssssssss bro” – which I find utterly ridiculous and retarded. Does it bring home the bacon, for one?

I suspect not, if you’re a movie star, or model, hehe – both of which I’ve been rightly likened to multiple times  or porn star – hehe – then yes.

But even I dont do it – I did it once, only to be met with “you think you’re a porn star” or, actually what she said was “keep being a porn star in China!” comments from idiots and morons (no prizes for guessing which jealous Bozo said this) … and then never again, too much hassle.

First thing you know, you dont need to prove yourself to anyone, as a certain John Walker once rightly said when discussing something related, and I then told him about my dislike of bear – bare? – hehe – chested except for the other biz, where being a porn star, is well, GOOD. It should be that way – of course, this is fitness and that sort of thing is related too.


Well, pang ren qiu dian, and I hate to break it to you boys, or boys that call themselves men – think about it – it’s true.

Fat boys – or men – do have “small penis” Hehe.

There’s also a very direct correlation between not being able to get it up, or keep it up, and then make excuses – one of Paula’s friends was complaining about “hurting balls” when the reality is, and she told me this “he has a lasting problem”.

Indeed. Snicker.

Too fat too most likely.

Anyway – point of this, and another reason why?

Sometimes its OK – if the picture displays genuine strength with intention to do that – like for some people – not the majority of folks doing it, its  a VIBE. It shows through!

For most people, the thing is this – they have ONE body part they try and show off, while “disguising their weak points” – which makes them look even weaker.

No dice, pal – and thats my entire point.

If you’re in shape it’ll show whether your clothed or not, you dont even need an overly discerning eye to probe the same.

If you’re out of shape, same thing.

All the preening and posing in the world wont cover up double chins, weak legs, fat bellies and so forth.

And I focus on results and function and plus as my Dad once snarkily commented “I’m sure the girls will find you attractive anyway!”

That they do, they always have, so … Hehe.


It’s of course quite another thing if you do it for marketing or promotion, but again, like the vibes part above, that shows when that is the case – such as my inventive and “one in a million” innovative ways to take selfies of what someone called my “Striated” shoulders (I hate the term, but he’s right, hehe – and I got them without doing a damn thing on machines, weights or the Jim) using my world famous sunglasses (more famous than me! Haha) …. (isn’t it interesting how they find a way into all my workouts as well? Haha).

Another great video out today for those into functional training.

Fat trolls with nothing better to do than complain and write about books they haven’t even read and couldn’t afford in a lifetime – well, this one is food for you too! (food? More of it, hehe) …

Sometimes I wonder if I actually welcome this trollish sort more, with the profit they bring me – yesterday was $1370 – and when you multiply that sort of thing by X number of days while factoring in the fact that these fools are trolling the very books that then bring me sales, hehe – and they’re doing it unknowingly for the most part … well, all I got to say is this.

My wily ways!

Enjoy –

And remember, the best way to get phat off your midsection quick is by doing pushups and a lot of them.

The workouts that will get you there are listed in Pushup Central. 

Enjoy, and let me know how it goes!


Rahul Mookerjee

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