Benny and his undulating belly …
- And the jiggle, hehe.

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I swear, of all the tomfoolery on Youtube … I saw THIS – but wait. First, a trip down memory lane we’ve already taken here,  but I’ll take it again.

In 1999, I believe, I was taking the great Dr B’s class CSC 404 “internet concepts”. Those were the days when HTML webpages looked “cool” – there was literally no Python I believe, and C++ and Php ruled the root.

No Nuke, No WordPress, none of that, but there was plenty of COBOL to go around!


I loved that class.

And when the final project (you could either do it solo or with team members) was announced, I did it solo – unlike in his CSC 414 DB class, where I did it with a couple of lovely black girls – who were even kind enough to wake me up at 10AM on a Saturday morning to open a computer lab I should have an hour ago … ah, but I digress.

Those were the days. Hehe. On campus jobs, hot chicks and more…

Hot chicks of course never left me. ask a certain “Christina Lou “that – anyway, so the web project, I did a good job.

Of course, with my sense of humor – I put in a couple of large beer bellies in there.

A couple of nights ago, I was drinking beer with  my friend Rueben who noticing my growing belly gave me the “Dickie Doo award

When quizzed on what it was, he claimed “when your belly gets so big that you can’t see your dick when you look down in the shower”. ????

Which a certain guy “Benny Boy” we all cackle at around here fits the bill perfectly on that one, but we’ll get to him (but he’s got some weird dick fetish apparently – apparently Glyn “rubbed off on him”. Ugh).

Hilarious, but Dr B’s grader didnt think much of the beer bellies, definitely smaller than Benny’s tum tum, and gave me a B.

Rueben wasnt impressed.

You should go to him, he pressed me. He’d give you an A!

He’s probably right, I’ve reversed these idiot grader’s decisions tons of times – one time with Dr B himself when a certain Ricky gave me a D on a paper because guy was too damn stupid to figure out there’s more than one way to access a database, too lazy to check (he just ticked off the answer sheet basically) – and of course, pissed at me at the time so thought he’d take it out on me that way.

Nothing doing pal.

“You have a different way of doing things”, noted Dr B sagely.

“But if it works…!”

And the D on the paper became a B, and an A in the class later, ditto for Internet concepts (and so I never really went to him about the website, wouldn’t have mattered in the overall scheme of things anyway!).

This conversation took place in a Barnes and Noble – remember those?

Anyway, I saw This video today –

And back to tom foolery and the nonsense people post on Youtube, it was admittedly hilarious, but ONE LINE in it reminded me so of this dude Benny Boy.

“Hey, I’m making my belly undulate” he goes, while airport security is poking what seems to be his belly but is actually some chick’s “half ass” – see the video. LOL.

Not to mention the thing about buying one ticket, Benny’s so cheap he’d try and buy half a ticket – he goes to the supermarket most likely and probably gets pissed when they ask him to pay for his groceries. It should be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee he goes. ????

But that “undulating belly” comment – my friends reminded me of Benny boy, another recent entrant into the long list of trolls who applied for a job here, got the boot from yours truly, and then set about trolling, or trying to, hehe – books he praised to the high heavens in the past to make a quick buck which he couldn’t (he’s too much of a clown to sell anything) – and books that he trolls now in a very lame manner (but it makes me money, so hey…).

He claimed I copied Jump Rope Mania! from someone, I’d love to know who.


Ditto for the great book 0 Excuses Fitness … (which those smart enough to get it have truly called it “the best bodyweight fitness book ever, NOTHING even comes CLOSE to it” (not my words, customer words those) …

But anyway, the videos he posts on his channel, my word, it’s one thing to post Tik Tok tomfoolery that passes for workouts (he posts 2 min workouts and then sleeps all day on the couch apparently) – but those man boobs he jiggles and parades and pretends to know it all about fitness – just ugh.

Goes to show what sort of world we’re living in where the blind feel compelled to lead those or try to lead those who can see … Hehe.

Anyway – why do I mention this?

Any idiot like this selling fake supplements (downright harmful in some cases) and spouting off about stuff he knows zero about should be ignored, period, but in the fitness world, especially the fitness world …

A customer summed it up the best about out of shape folks in general preaching on about fitness – (fat folks, basically) –

it’s just that I feel if someone is putting themselves up to give any kind of advice to people with regard to physical conditioning they should at least look the part.

It’s like one of those obese doctor’s (we all know at least one) sitting at their desk and telling their patients they need to go on a diet and exercise more for the sake of their health???

And he wasn’t EVEN referring to Benny Boy. Hehe.

With Benny, he made the “serious case of gyno does Brain Dead Benny have” which I can’t argue with , hehe.

And yes, from the fat dentist (downright obese these days) next door -but I gotta give the man credit, he admits he’s out of shape, and I RESPECT honesty – to a fat doctor who once told me to “stop swimming because it would impact my liver” or some nonsense … I’ve seen plenty like this.

We all know docs like that!

… and we all know Benny’s like that for that matter, hehe (that dickie doo award would fit a LOT of people these days to be frank)

Back to fitness tho –

How guys like this can even pretend to be into fitness is beyond me  – literally on a good day Benny is jiggier, wigglier, wobblier and fatter than the contraption above … LOL. And I’m being nice there!

Anyway – thats my point, if you’re sane, you’ll avoid this sort in terms of taking advice from them and you certainly shouldnt, if you value your health, fitness and SANITY even a tad – buy an iota of anything from these lunatics.

Let Bozo “millionaire with stained teeth” Schofield do the honors.

Back to sanity – here’s a GREAT video that has been getting plenty of likes, comments and such –

People have been wanting MORE on this one, there’s more in the paid download for Jump Rope Mania! – but even that will be enhanced pretty soon.

We have stuff around here the likes of which NO-ONE out there has, so you’d be doing yourself a favor to get Jump Rope Mania! Now. Remember, if the trolls see fit to work themselves up about it, there must be something to it no?

And believe me, that workout video in there is one for the ages, will whip you into shape nigh quick. Phew!

And that’s that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Oh, fat boy got pissed I was making money off him .. Hehe. Well, if he’d stop haunting this place and stickin his Pinnochio where it dont belong, hehe … but then again, I’ve got them all addicted, those that love me can’t get enough of me, same thing for those that get SOOOOOOOOO pissed off by me saying it like is.

I especially welcome the latter sort, because … well

More later!

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