Some of these boxing related movies they make … damn!
- Can we say JOKE?

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Man, I dont mean to say it – but that movie … but, let me back up.

This afternoon, after a sumptious lunch, I noticed the wife was … well, in a foul mood as she is for some reason or the other 99.99% of the time.

And so I tuned out, put on Amazon Prime Video – and .. though I didnt really have any intentions of watching a movie – I didnt even get the beer, hehe – I idly flicked one on “Apne”.

Yours truly doesn’t watch Bollywood for the most part, you know that – and certainly not sop stories like this – with boxing as a sort of “theme to the movie”.

Basically it’s about a family – father, mother, two sons, sister (who seems to be there more for show) – their two girlfriends (admittedly gorgeous – one’s a wife I believe?) … and the whole movie has way too much crying from men and women alike than I’d like to see anywhere – basically a male soap opera about a guy who was unfairly banned from boxing years ago, never let go, and brought heaven, hell and earth together to make his elder son a boxer – only son quit due to financial issues, father never forgave him despite the riches son brought the family.

Younger son takes up boxing, loses in the ring (gets cheated, funnily enough) – older son shows up – and well, you get the drift.

The whole thing is so comically done that it’s sad, I dont know if it was a hit in the Punjabi community it was aimed at …

Pity, because the lead – one of them – Sunny Deol used to be one of my favorite Bollywood actors back in the day – someone who did a shit load of pushups for one – he was never the Corrugated core type, but never fat either back in the day, but that changed with age, and this movie?

Man, you can literally see the man boobs jiggling on Booby (Bobby) – his “real life brother” as he fights, and you can see Sunny’s expanding middle aged waistline in the ring.

Between the two of them, it seems old man Dharmendra is in better shape than them – guy who was disgraced in the movie – and he’s like going on 80.

Old school, now THAT guy in his prime was IN SHAPE – driving those manual trucks in India by themselves will do that to you – he was a truck driver before making it big in Bollywood.

But really, its COMICAL – the punches they throw, everything in the ring, it’s parody you’d think, except apparently the “Emotion” is supposed to win the viewer over.

It doesnt unfortunately, I’d rather Sunny in Ghayal …

Anyway … point of me saying this?

The filmmakers seem to think “huge arms” eclipses all.

And biceps eclipse all …

Never mind the man tits, never mind the fact that Sunny in the movie can barely jog, let alone run, never mind the sloppily done pushups (ok, some of them are good, but not most) – and most of all, the FAT and the bellies on display in a sport which doesn’t tolerate even the slighest bit of blubber around the core.

Boxing, my friend, is a sport which doesn’t demand a corrugated core.

It tells you quite simply you’ll be ANNIHILATED if you’re not well conditioned, simple as that friend.

You dont even need to take my word for it, look at any real boxer and you’ll see conditioning is their mainstay my friend.

And the way boxers do it?

Roadwork, and lots of it – and pushups, lots and lots of them!

Sure, they spend hours working on their skills in the ring, the heavy bag – jumping rope and so forth.

But their conditioning (and strength) boils down to three things, rope jumping, roadwork, and pushups.

My course Pushup Central – and my great course Jump Rope Mania – part of the reason these two courses are SO popular is they give you old school like old school is supposed to be, not,as is said in the movie “anything for money”.

I charge what is fair, yes.

Given the wealth of knowledge in these two courses alone, I’d be justified in charging triple of what i do – but I’m not.

And as for roadwork, I don’t have a course specifically on that, but training on hills as I did for years is some of the best conditioning you can do my friend – period.

If you want get rid of fat QUICK, do some Advanced Hill Training at least three times a week – either on flat land or hills. Or stairs. It can be done on all three.

Key thing, remember.

If you’re fat, have too much around the ole core and chest, you won’t look like an athlete and neither will you FUNCTION like one, either pure stamina wise or overall conditioning wise.

Blubber is blubber no matter how much you might try to deny it.

It’s rank.

It’s unhealthy.

Its bad for your heart, mind and body.

And if there is ONE goal every athlete or trainee should have, it shouldn’t be huge muscles or rippling bicep or what not – all that is great- you’ll get there eventually, but FAT loss over the entire body – specifically the core  and working the grip and back hard like you mean it – these should be CORE goals for every serious fitness trainee my friend.

And if they arent, then you aren’t serious about your training. And, it’ll “show” as well.

Ouch, I know that hurts. For some people.

For some, of course, like me, they’d take it as constructive criticism and IMPROVE like I did years ago, like I do everyday even now … like I did even from last year (when I was hardly in poor shape to begin with, but slouching, and slacking from my own high standards, and that showed too).

I’m human like you.

I need a kick up the backside like you do – occasionally.

And I got one from a person that matters to me on Jan 4,2022.

And he also said “this year will be the year you’ll be in your best form”.

Boy was he spot on as always.

A year later … well, the proof’s in the pudding. Hehe.

Now, I lay down the challenge to YOU.

CAN you give me 500 pushups a day – no excuses?

CAN you do at least 25 pull-ups day  – no excuses?

Can you LOSE that fat around the midsection you’ve been carrying for so long – and pretending to yourself “it doesnt matter”?

I dont know, I can show you the way, only you can decide whether or not to FOLLOW the path I lay out for you …

My courses above show you the how.

All you have to supply is the YES, and the DO.

And the world is yours my friend, if you only DO.

Out for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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