Why RESULTS (not so called being “nice”) matters- and why you aren’t helping a lot of people by “being nice” either
- Lots to talk about today !

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Lots to talk about today, my friend, and as I’ve uploaded part one of what I’ve got to say – part two is in the works, and will be uploaded SHORTLY.

Both these videos should be watched TOGETHER.

In brief, this is for the ass clowns who keep complaining about me hurting peoples feelings, about “not being nice to fat people” – about calling a spade a spade – and so forth.

Nothing great was ever accomplished without being hated, my friend.

More on this in the videos, for once I won’t type it all out here but since I’ll no doubt get a lot of whining from the freebie seekers, cheapskates, fat focks, do nothings and so forth on this one – here’s one thing I did not say – or forget to say in the videos…

Those of you that want the house for free, those of you that want it all for nothing ,those of you not willing to move your little finger to get results, and then complaining, those of you that want full workouts on youtube so you dont pay a penny for it – well, go haunt the gyms my friend (though theyll sell you more than I ever would, could, or would want to, and wouldn’t deliver any sort of results to boot – indeed, they would HARM you more than help – fact) … or haunt those businesses that sell it all for “cheap” – whatever your definition of that is.

I’d rather sell to an exclusive bunch, and make a good living for me and mine while doing so (more on this in the video).

Reminds me of what Matt Furey once said in one of his newsletters I was subscribed to at the time “people will thank you up and down for the freebies, but they wont give you any money for it”.

Sage, Matt.

I can’t fault the man’s business logic, I’ve been the same since I was born.

More to the point, I’ll take it one step further.

You’re harming people by giving them stuff for free or by devaluing your work by selling at heavily discounted rates and so forth.

People value that which they pay for.

People pay for what they really want.

And people have a habit of actually doing what it takes to get what they want….

Enough said here – I think you get the drift. Video time –




Rahul Mookerjee

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