Rest is the way hell overrated
- And a bit more on losers.

I swear, the way laziness, being fat and out of shape and other negative attributes are not just tolerated in today’s society, but celebrated as well – is insane.

I meant to speak about an old timer I highly admire – him – everyone of his ilk – and even normal people like my grandfather for one would turn over in their grave and disgustedly say “I’m damn glad I ain’t in this world no mo” if they saw what things have come to and what is celebrated and what is ridiculed,and so forth.

Strong men make good times, good times make weak men, and weak men ensure it all goes to ruin, and the cycle starts ad infinitum all over again.

This has been worded differently over the last few years by many people, but bottom line – the world is in the fourth and most destructive cycle NOW – and amazingly enough, most of the loonies populating it stick their heads in the sand even when it’s right in front of them.

Here is a list of what a certain Earlier Liedermann recommend in terms of BASIC, I repeat, BASIC physical fitness for men – and note I left some things OUT.

Yes, thats right – it ain’t the whole list.

Just reading through that list would make the average man and most so called fitness fanatics faint.

  • Swim at least half a mile or more without stopping
  • Run at TOP speed 200 yards or more.
  • Jump  over obstacles higher than his waist
  • Chin himself (until his chin touches his hands) at least 15 to 20 times.
  • Dip between parallel bars / chairs at least 25 times or more.

Thats PART of the list. Yikes, most would say, yet, its not as hard as it sounds – especially not the last and second .. and definitely not the first.

As for the bodybuilders pumping, preening and posing – the less said the better.

Liedermann, the old timers, yours truly – we ALL Advocated this type of thing, because guess what, you never know what might happen.

When shit hits the fan, and believe me it does and will – then its  YOU that has to take care of YOU.

And being fat and unfit and generally unhealthy is a recipe for disaster my friend even during good times, let alone tough times.

Dont think tough times will hit you – times of war – destruction – any of it?

I hope you’re right – but I doubt it, my friend.

I remember talking about this very briefly with the wife once who pooh poohed it “oh, India’s forever safe”.

With a gigantic behemoth straining at the leash at it’s northern borders, everything else going on as of late … HA!

It’s a classic example of a response from a person who knows he or she is on the losing side, they have no choice, so they postpone the inevitable.


Recently I heard the wife hurt her ankle getting out of the famous bed she loves so. The way she yowled, you’d think a tiger took after her.

Sure, some of those sprains hurt. Shes had nasty falls from scooters etc before, but this – the amount of molly coddling going on, mom telling her “dont walk” etc … when I heard all of it, the word “LOSERS” popped up in my brain.

Oddly enough, when I had a nasty ankle swell up back in the day (excess fluid, most likely because I was overweight) – it hurt so bad I could barely touch it.

I went for a run.

returned, collapsed, dunked the ankle in a bucket of water (at that time the wife was “kind” enough to actually bring me that water – now, she’d be like “to hell with his ankle”. Hehe) …

First comment my parents made “you’re overweight!”

Which isn’t new to me, from saying I’d die at the age of 30 if I drank too much beer, lol, to other inane comments about “you exercise too much” …. to the results I’ve gotten, well, we all know who the joke is on.

Point is though, no goose and gander, apparently its ok for women to be fat lazy beached whales, but not men (not real men, at any rate).

It isn’t for either, but really, thats not the point either.

Hark back to when I had that nasty thumb injury, as painful as anything I’ve ever had.

Everyone told me to rest it, ice it, splint it, and so forth, even my buddy from the Marines who said they had meds for that at camp etc told me “its going to hurt in winter”.

All the ice cold showers I take in the dead of winter, all the exercise I do – the thumbs as good as new.

My treatment for it ?

hold an ice cold Corona in the hand that night, a good night’s sleep, and next day – back at it. there was no way I wasn’t doing fingertip pushups on my birthday two days later, and I did!

My point is this -the human body wasn’t meant to sit, rest, and be domesticated to the extent it is now.

When a monkey in the wild gets injured, it doesnt stop climbing trees, crocs dont stop swimming even when they get a leg taken off by other crocs, a tiger doesnt stop hunting even if it’s old, infirm, and hasn’t eaten for days, and so forth.

You dont have to take it to extremes.

naturally, if its something serious like a major surgery or what not, by all means rest up.

But MOST minor niggles and injuries need MOVEMENT, not rest – to get better quicker, and to recuperate quicker – the body knows how to heal itself better than any moron doctor who claims (true story) “light swimming is a no no because it taxes the liver” (back in the day from when my mother was tripping about something so I went to the doc for the hell of it, and thats what this fat genius – yes, obese doctor getting paid BIG bucks – told me)…

Isometrics – not necessarily static movements, but fluid isometrics for flexibility like I teach in Isometric and Flexibility Training are the key.

Dont get me wrong, static isometrics are super awesome, but if you’re injured, you need a steady supply of FRESH blood to the area to wash away the toxins and speed up recovery.

Some of the stretches in Advanced, Profound, Isometric and Flexibility Training as well.

Back to laziness, vast majority of fucks out there disgust me.

My wife for some reason when she does laundry won’t take hers out of the wash for hours on end, it sits there until night, if I want to do mine, I ask her to take it out – she either yells in a foul mood or wont take it out period, so I end up doing, or I dont do mine.

With me, I suppose I could do the same thing, but to me, its the most natural thing to dump it in the machine, dry it as soon as its done, be done with it, not letting piles pile up for ages – no pun intended.

It’s sad, the way laziness is not just tolerated, but encouraged.

and it pisses me off, typical liberal mentality, like throwing the trash on top of the can instead of in it which is common around these parts, like “fuck the next person so long as I’m OK” – I absolutely abhor that mentality “burns my ass up”, as a certain redneck in MS once griped about what were likely illegals jumping the queue at Mickey D’s, have to say i agree 100% and then some!

The only time the wife is ever in a good mood?

Late at night, when she knows there’s nothing to do but sit and gaze at mindless, moronic videos.

And of course, that late at night extends to noon wake ups, which i simply cannot fathom, sure, she doesnt work – doesnt need to – but a person’s surely got SOME goals, ambitions, desires?

Apparently not the vast majority of sheep out there, and dont get me wrong, I’m no whiz at waking up in the AM’s – I dont like it, but I do it anyway – and if I don’t wake up on time, I’ll hustle and bustle later to get it all done anyway.

Por ejempelo, I like to sit and drink green tea in the mornings if I’m not climbing hills or what not first thing upon waking up, but that tea time is shortened if it means I dont have time for 500 pushups (club work, pull-ups, whatever I might choose – I’m currently soon going to be at “super battletank” status with 500 pushups/100 pull-ups a day – currently the number for the latter is 60 – 500/60 – thats more than what I was cranking out even when writing Battletank Shoulders!!) …

(squats never an issue, you can knock those out real quick if you know what you’re doing).

Not so with the vast majority of folks out there.

Like a customer once noted “I wonder how you get so much done each day!”

Because I’m not a lazy liberal, hehe. And I dont associate with any either. Really its sickening.

Back to fitness, rest etc – most people “rest” way more than they should, and they need a kick up the wazoo way more than to be pampered and molly coddled to oblivious – kids included.

And, a look around at the constant coughs, niggles, sniffles etc around you – both kids and adults – should tell you a lot.

Anyway, bottom line – I’m all about old school and old fashioned, my friend, and guess what – its the only way that works.

Thats also why they call me “the goddamned survivor“, hehe.

Follow the 10 Commandments of Physical Training (and indeed, life) laid out for you in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, my friend – also in Fast and Furious Fitness (currently being translated into Spanish) – and you cannot go wrong, period.

Remember, old school is what ultimately not just survives, but thrives – and wins long term.

Last, but not least, I probably should have put this disclaimer upfront – this message isn’t for loser, liberals and entitled Bozos who don’t understand the D of discipline, H of hard work, T of tough and so forth.

Its for the DOERS, the real men and so forth.

I probably would have said it in the videos. But the dumbphone keeps running out of space, I never buy a new one, its choc a block full of training pics for the upcoming book “Advanced Plyometric Training“, therefore, here it is.

Enjoy – I’ll be back soon. Btw, plyometrics as in that book – tough as fuck, and they will whip you into shape even quicker than my regular stuff. Be sure to place your pre-order NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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