Why I highly recommend the “super wide grip” pushups you see me do SO often.
- Upper back, for one!

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Well, before we start this one – a huge thanks to all of you that have been writing back with questions etc – most of them great ones.

Some dumb, such as the person who repeatedly questions me about “why I wear red so often” – like dude – does it really even matter?

Idiots will find a way to grip, moan, piss and groan no matter what – you could show them Da Vinci’s work, they’d find *some* inane fault with it *somehow*.

Past that, of course – and getting into it – we answered some of these questions (wider than wife grip pushup related) in a couple of great tutorials today – those are below but first, a bit of background on why I love these so much, and how I got to know of them.

To me, most of my life, I’ve done “boxer” pushups -mentioned in Pushup Central, which are great for the lats, core, triceps, a solid form of pushup.

Yet, I remember seeing the great Sunny “Pa Ji” once knocking out pushups differently in a Bollywood potboiler “Jeet” (victory is what it translates to).

He probably got it from his equally macho Dad Dharmendra (possibly and probably even “solider” than Sunny, even at his age (80+)).

say what you like about the Deols, they’re solid sons of the soil, traditional, and have their pushups and pull-ups right! Haha.

435, 436 he went, kid seated on his back for added weight. Suddenly, the weight increases, and he wonders what happened!

“How the hell did your weight increase, kid!” he growls.

Turns around upon getting no answer, sees the film’s heroine parked on his back … hehe.

Anyway, I tried that pushup the first time I believe in 2008, felt pretty good, for some odd reason though I never pursued it back then – I DID do the other style of pushup I keep recommending even now – the floor humper, or Jack La Lanne pushups, or arms out extended in front of you pushup – what have you.

And this sort of pushup isn’t done the way normal wide grip pushups are my friend, which is arms slightly wider than shoulder width – sort of like in a regular pull-up.

For THIS style of pushup you’ll want to think “wide wide grip pull-ups!” – and much like the mentioned exercise, this will really give you those “striated shoulders” so many people want (delts) – and also work the upper/mid back and CORE into the ground.

Not only that – the uppermost fibers of the pecs really get a workout with these (which are really the muscles making your chest “stand out” – or “packed chest“, as a friend of mine said I had – its NOT the lower chest that gives you that effect).

You put your arms out to the side as far as you can go – and this different angle means some of the cardinal rules of pushups change – one specifically that is VERY important to note if you want to get MAX benefit from the movement.

This one change in rule applies to the floor humper too, my friend.

What is it – well, these two videos (and perhaps the shorts I uploaded today, Gawd, seemed to be a day for shorts for sure today!) – will explain it all –

Last, but not least, lots of you have sent me e-mails thanking me for the on the spur of the moment workouts , tips etc – and I greatly appreciate it.

Remember though that is just the tip of the iceberg my friend.

Pushup wise, you really owe it to yourself (those that haven’t) – and DESERVE to get Pushup Central – NOW. Truly never seen before smokin hot variants on the pushups that will smoke you into shape quicker than bacon sizzling on the pan – or in the microwave if you have one of those gadgets you hang the damn bacon off, hehe.

And remember, we’re almost through another course that is more intense than any other (in terms of movements) I’ve put out until now.

That is Advanced Plyometric Training which it seems is still at the pre-sales price, which reminds me – it will not be at that price too much longer.

If you’re looking to get the skinny on how plyometrics can really up your game fitness wise and take things to the QUANTUM level as it were, then you’ll want this book my friend – truly never covered before stuff in this one as well that will boggle, blow and make your mind explode with the “overload of info” you’re getting.

And if you want in at the pre-order price, get the book NOW.

And thats that, I’ll be back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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