Phat Benny goes to town … freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
- Hehe

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A certain phat boy is providing us all with plenty of amusement with his trolling – and latest is, word has it, a few days ago he got booted from yet another fitness forum he’s been haunting – mostly due to inane nonsense he keeps repeating that people ultimately got tired of.

Sort of like what he kept doing here before he got the boot, sort of like what happened to him with other fitness guys he tried to promote.

Simple enough, most successful businessmen (or women) understand real life doesnt work according to liberal utopian BS so called values.

And they hang with their sort, Benny hangs with his sort – the trailor park trash losers living off their wives, people lazing around at home doing nothing except sit around and eat and pretend they workout etc – and more to the point, no business person wants someone around him thats not only a walking talking advertisement  for the exact opposite of fitness (blubbery monster that he is) – but also too lazy and incompetent to sell even the most basic of products (even when afforded all the assistance he can be given).

It’s a vicious cycle that repeats itself with this trollish sort, apparently the latest this clown is up to is doing public service by claiming “fitness should be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” and then whining about “if you need money to buy food or pay bills”.

Hey, Penny, by your logic shouldn’t food and bills be free too. Hehe. Probably in your world, it should be all free and the world should just revolve on its own carrying fat lazy fools in its wake with it …

(and really, free food – in Benny’s case, if only he stuffed his gullet a bit less, looks like he downs a house or something every night. Like an old customer once said “damn, he’s got a serious case of gyno, looks like he’d need to fast a year to burn all that blubber off”)

Um …

Hate to break it friend, but there’s no free ticket.

With anything in life, you get what you pay for.

And fitness is no different (I’ve no idea why as of late things like fitness and movies and a lot of other things, everyone wants it “freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” – but they’re just like any other biz vertical – I for one see no reason why everything should be free or “blue light special”) …

But liberals globally – well, thats how they are my friend, so he isn’t alone by any means – he just “stands out a bit more” – not because of the fat burbling tummy he brandishes as a badge of honor, but because of his loony comments everywhere, and a long rap sheet of getting booted from wherever he applies to work (including here).

This fat hypocrite did his best to promote our products too but then he realized he wouldn’t get freebies so he threw a hissy … hehe. Anyway, that story has been told, shared, numerous times, the point here is this  – as with anything in life, my friend, free comes with it’s own pitfalls.

Like a great customer here said …

Hello Rahul

Years ago there were some advertisements on tv for Stella Artois which stated that the beer was “reassuringly expensive” i.e. you knew the beer was great because it was priced accordingly and not some cheap garbage, which is a great way of saying you get what you pay for.

I believe that your products are the Stella Artois of Physical Culture and they are “reassuringly expensive”.

Listen to this boys and girls, you cannot put a price on knowledge, if you want the knowledge you have to pay the price whatever it is.

If all you can see is price then it would appear that you’re not thinking straight, when does the cheaper something is equal the better it is? You’re trying to buy knowledge like you buy potatoes by the “pound” i.e. the more you buy the cheaper they are, this is erroneous thinking, if someone offered you a brand new Rolls Royce for £5,000 straight away you’ll be asking yourself what the hell is wrong with it, why is it so cheap, I know I would be.

Rahul Mookerjee’s knowledge of Physical Culture is without peer and if you want to acquire that knowledge then I suggest you pay what he’s asking and if that’s too much for you? Then that as they say is “life”.

Rahul, keep doing what you’re doing, I for one greatly appreciate it, thank you.

Warmest Regards


And thats it, thats pretty much it – much like you wouldn’t expect a Royce for free, I for one would rather buy a product from someone who values their own time and effort over all and charges accordingly.

Of course, for this liberal sort that lives on their wives and have no real responsibilities, have never paid any sort of bills in their lives, I suppose “free” is what they will want and promote, since they can’t sell products anyway, and since the lack of sales won’t hit their own phat tummies – unlike with the businesses they attempt to troll.

Sad thing, a lot of these businesses actually react wrongly to this sort of trolling.

This sort of trolling is to be welcomed, my friend – much like with Schofield Bozo, it can really set the cash registers ringing if you do it right.

And thus – for any serious business owner, two things – one, if you’re doing it right, this is exactly the path you’ll be following with morons hating your every move and your very guts for no other reason than you’re making $$ and moving up in life while they go exactly nowhere.

And two, you owe it to yourself, your family and your business to learn and APPLY the tips in the upcoming book Profit Troll where the Benny sort of troll is discussed in great detail as well. (as well as exactly how THIS business has profited from it – hehe).

Last, but not least, remember, yet another shout out –Advanced Plyometric Training will be in its own right the MOST brutal and effective of our courses around here till date – sure, Animal Kingdom Workouts, Pushup Central and BattleTank shoulders fit that bill – but this course takes stuff from all the above – to a whole new level altogether.

Some of you can’t wait to see what the Bodyweight Exercise Guru has planned for you in that course, and I dont blame you – I can’t wait till the book’s out either!

So, jump on that as well while the time’s RIPE – coz the price WILL go up shortly on that too.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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