When that Gorilla Grip wasn’t even required … so I thought!

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This morning, I woke up to … well, doorbells ringing “off the clanger” which I absolutely hate, but some things must be put up with unfortunately “for the short term”.

Wife showed up saying “Mom wants you to open something in the kitchen for her”.

OK, so up I went a while later, and it was one of those tough metal contraptions – so it looked – that are part of kitchen grinders and such.

I prepared myself for an almighty battle – best way to start the morning off – against STEEL – cold, hard unforgiving steel that doesn’t budge!

Believe me, I’ve seen “strong people” (who I did not think were that strong) open these things in the past when they get stuck – jars etc too – while I always remember thinking “I wish I could do that too”.

Anyway ….

Mom asked me if I needed a cloth to grip since its freezing cold, that it was!

Metal, you know…

I replied in the negative.

Grabbed it, gave it the initial twirl – and holy shmokes, almost all too easy – it just flew off in my hands.

I was laughing a bit before I picked it up, the thing looked like …well, one of them things from the 80’s … but turns out I was right, easy peasy.

Thats it, I asked?

Kinda disappointed, I was looking for more of a battle with the STEEL!

Thats it, she said. Thanks!

I inclined the ole nut (for those not in the know, thats “English English” for head, hehe) courteously, and left.

Now, I’ve no idea if that thang was really that easy to open  – I do remember tugging a bit at it, but seemed way too easy.

I know I could regale you with stories about the almighty battle Rahul fought with the steel this morning, but I don’t want to – fact is this, when you work out the way I do, and when you work up to doing 500 pushups a day like I teach, and especially some of the grip variants I’ve really been focusing on as of late, EVERYTHING in life becomes easy, and flow comes into place – period.

There is a reason the 0 Excuses System repeatedly stresses that PUSHUPS are the BIG DOG OF FITNESS!

What really matters is this – strength you can use when it counts.

And last night while practising side kicks while pissed off at the wife for something or other, kicks coming out nigh perfectly – this truism hit me.

Strength you can use, strength that lasts, strength that doesn’t quit on you – most importantly, strength that is REAL world, functional, and helps when you need it the most.

Prying open jars, kitchen applicances, thats one thing, or perhaps clambering down  rusty steel pipe to save your life – or your ass when your daughter finds you in the bedroom with another woman that “is not Mommy”, hehe (not me).

And that, my friend is that.

Thats how I advocate training, hard, heavy, daily and regular, those are the results …

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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