Cats coming up to me while..
- When you train NATURAL!

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A brief note, my friend – I’m about to head out to do 500 pushups soon.

I woke up late, so I’m in a bit of a hurry!

I’ll get there – but yesterday, winter sun, shirt off, pants rolled up, getting into the 500 pushups I was doing – or actually, it was day before yesterday I believe – I saw the cat.

It was prowling as usual, and walked up to everyone sitting there, walked away.

I saw it from a distance – staring at me.


I unconsciously said it – it meowed back.

I did a tiger bend, and some pushups.

Cat lifts one leg up, as if to either pounce, or check out what the “other cat is doing” (a movement I haven’t taught as yet per se but highly recommend for ENERGY – martial artists are huge on this too).

It stared at me, meowed back – now, normally, with people around, I’d never do this kiddie stuff I do with my daughter all the time, but out there in the sun, nature around me, seemed like the most natural thing to do!

I dont know how to explain it.

When you live in the flow, train naturally and in the flow, nature joins you provided you do the thing – and do it daily.

Your wishes, desires, all of it fades into the workout – becomes ONE – and animals, birds, hawks (I KEEP seeing those next to me) – ALL of them come up to YOU as if you were part of Nature itself, which you are.

The feeling, my friend, is indescribable, and only those who have trained this way in the flow will know what I’m talking about.

Cats, monkeys even, specific numbers – hawks – all of what doesnt come to “normal” people – comes to me. The hawk even sat on that damn bar while I did a pull up as if to say “I trust this cat!”.

Train natural, my friend.

Train the 0 Excuses way.

Do so daily.

Listen to what this cat says, YOU too will be on the path to grand accomplishment in terms of life, fitness, and a hell of a lot more if you just listen, and DO.

I’m out, and I’ll be back soon with more great stuff – in the meantime, remember, nothing beats pushups to get that core in shape -QUICK.

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Rahul Mookerjee

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