Unstoppable today, my views on pushup handles – and then some!
- Lets gO!

As I listen to the song “Unstoppable today” which seems to be blaring out in the daughter’s online class, one thought struck me.

If there is ONE thing that makes you unstoppable – FEEL unstoppable – and ultimately conquer all – it is MINDSET.

It matters not, as Dr Maltz wrote in the super book “Pyscho Cybernetics” which I’ve read before in 2016 – “if no-one is cheering for you in the bleachers, but YOU ARE!”.

Conversely, if the entire world roots for you, but you yourself don’t believe in yourself – it – whatever the “it” is – will never happen.

Thats a great book (no I dont get anything for mentioning it here) – but the point holds whether you’re talking fitness – life -business – motivation – or whatever it is.

Set your mind to win at all costs, to persevere no matter what, ultimately you’ll get there.

I mentioned the story of the Indian batting great and maestro Virat Kohli in the last email, and his recent dip in form – how most people – experts included wrote him off pretty much – and how he bounced back.

Self belief is key to this, without that it will never happen.

Self belief is key to your FITNESS too, my friend.

BELIEVING you can make it from Zero to Hero – to be able to see the final picture BEFORE you or anyone else can – even fitness wise – in your mind’s eye, albeit unconsciously at times – is how that magic happens, no exceptions to this rule, I should know – I’ve been following this natural law (really, THIS is what the so called self help gurus should be teaching instead of “Law of Attraction” or affirmations which do not work in most cases the way they’re taught, at least) since childhood, pretty much because I had to/was forced to by circumstance (some of which I have gotten into here in this emails, some of which I won’t get into , period).


That self belief is what makes you FEEL unstoppable – once you feel that way, reality ends up manifesting that way too!

And the one exercise physically that makes you feel that way ?

All workouts done right do, of course -but for sheer brutality, “pushing power” – and … well, the overall effect – its pushups, and pushups done for high reps.

There’s a reason the greats all did hundreds, if not thousands of pushups daily.

Sure, that isn’t all that they did, but pushups are the cornerstone of any serious fitness trainee’s routine – along with heavy duty squats, my friend, no two ways about it.

And they’ll make you feel like a beast – and unstoppable – if you get after it, believe in yourself, do everyday – believe that you can reach exalted levels at this exercise, and soon enough if you put in the effort – you WILL.

No exceptions.

My great book Pushup Central – with seven or so tutorial videos at last count, I believe! – teaches you how to get there, and if you don’t have it as yet – you’ll want to get it NOW.

Along with that, remember to invest in the 0 Excuses Fitness System as well – more great books included (one free) – and FIVE great videos if I’ve got it right – so dive in NOW.

Watch the PS for a recent question from Johnny from the UK.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – “what are your views on pushup handles and swiss ball pushups?”

Interesting one there J!

Swiss ball pushups are great, not covered in the book – but they’re GREAT for working the balance, grip, and in general the entire core and body.

Are they required?

No – much like the ab wheel isn’t “required” – but you can do pushups with that too to smoke the core!

(and GRIP)

Its great if you have those tools lying around, but end of the day, the book is about a bodyweight exercise, therefore, with the exception of chairs and sofas (old ones, heh) – you wont see any equipment being used at all other than a WALL which everyone has.

Not so much the great “Wall of India” Rahul Dravid with defence so solid people couldn’t break through it for days often – happy birthday Sir, albeit belated by a day! Truly an Indian batting great… anyway, if you do the “floor humper” – or extended arm pushups – or arms out in front of you pushups – or Jack La Lanne pushups -again, nomenclature is NOT the point – you’ll do great.

Now, pushup handles?

They’re great if your wrists hurt in the regular pushup position, but work on pushups with palms on the floor regardless WHILE you strengthen your grip and wrists by using pushup handles.

One great thing about pushup handles is even advanced grip men will notice their grip being worked a lot differently – and heavily – when doing pushups with these, so they’re great if you have ’em or want to use ’em – do so!

Cons – they’re not that adaptable in terms of different types of pushups, there are only so many different types of pushups you can do with them in terms of hand positioning, and nothing beats fingertip pushups – or fingers placed otherwise – pushups in terms of building grip and forearm power through pushups.

Otherwise, nothing wrong with using ’em.

But, I view them as an accessory more than anything else..

The only piece of equipment you really “need”, and this is coming from someone who has (almost finished) written Lumberjack “Lodestone” Fitness – is a sturdy doorway chinning bar – other than that, as you can see Johnny, my programs require zip all in terms of equipment or accessories, and so it should be (no, I don’t advocate gloves either – get used to the damn calluses! Hehe).

And that, my friend is a long answer to a short question. Oh, pushup handles sometimes allow for a much greater range of motion in the dip ie down portion of the movement, but fingertip pushups do too …

Pushup Central is making WAVES globally my friend – its being praised and trolled in equal measures (actually the latter more which is good) – so you’ll want to get your mitts on this superlative course NOW if you haven’t already, and start blasting yourself into super shape starting TODAY.

And thats that!  (PS #2 – Here is what an ex-man-in-blue i.e. ex cop had to say about this superlative course – check it out NOW – https://www.0excusesfitness.com/2021/03/25/what-an-ex-cop-from-nyc-had-to-say-about-pushup-central/  

Respect, CHarles!

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