“Stop man! You’ve done too many already! Enough!”
- So I heard!

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That, my friend was what I heard when I was on rep #150 – I believe, after yesterday’s super tough yet low rep workout – there was no way I was NOT getting back to my 500 pushups a day workout, and so I did.

Was a rare break of sorts yesterday, but I hit it hard anyway, but today – while the reps totalled 500 for sure, it was a mix of super tough pushups for most of the workout, and easy ones (for me that is – those being “floor humpers”, hehe, which I love, which give you GREAT core training while you’re at it).

Easy ones were done in sets of 30, the rest … well, we’ll get to that!

“You’ve been going an hour already! Stop!”

I looked around, there was Prem, same guy who I trained in a video prior to this a few weeks ago – same guy who keeps “wishing he could do pull-ups”, yet wont put in the work to do so.

Or even try.

Same guy who I counseled on pushup form, yet he does them in the same ole sloppy manner…

Now, all of this is fine, but to me, I replied rather gruffly …


I think thats what I said, at least. Stop at 150? No way, I said. I do 500 a day and …

“You should do ’em too””, I finished.

Huh, he stared.

I repeated in Hindi.

I did them in the morning, he said, but his expression did not inspire any sort of confidence.

Later on at rep #330, I took a couple of great, great videos.

One the “side to side pushup”, which is great for working the pecs even more than with regular pushups and “isolating” them in the sense that you build them up even more while working in conjunction with the rest of your body.

Might sound strange, but you’ll see when you watch the video. Lots of people call this the archer pushup, which is fine, it ain’t about nomenclature to me.

I dont know why they call it that, maybe because the stretch looks like an archer about to pull back on the arrow of a bow when seen from a top on angle.

The second, well, plyometrics with floor humpers, and bear in mind, both of these – ADVANCED. You’ll want to work up to them my friend. Dont think just because you can do 10 perfect pushups that you can knock out tons of these. You wont be able to without a) practice, b) lots of practice – c) tons of practice and d… until you can knock off at least 100-150 pushups per workout anyway.

Now, I hadn’t been going an hour for the 150. More like 20 minutes I believe, but it was probably 45 minutes or so at 300 – slow going for me, but I was doing toughies all throughout – except for sets of 30 of the regular floor humper pushup.

Shirt off videos, floor humper, girls sitting next to me trying not to stare, guys looking away in that “man, that guy is SOMETHING” sort of vein. (since they were all mostly too lazy to do anything but sit down and chat about nonsense in the sun).

You know what I mean!

And on that note.

Right at that point, I was asked by the guy I mentioned above – replete with dumbphone in hand, lead in one ear “remember, soooooooo busy” – “how many sets and reps I did to get to 500”

Now this time I was really gruff.

“However many it takes!”

I didnt mean to be that gruff but I hate being continuously interrupted during my routine! Two, I was out of breath.

Three, most importantly, it was conversation for conversation’s sake which I absolutely hate and abhor, usually comes from non doers that dont do, they just talk.

This guy talks a lot.

He’s got all the knowledge in the world -gyms, machines, bodyweight – IN THEORY.

Practically, practically zero is the bottom line. And thats the crux, what irritates me the most about such people.

I dont care how much you read about driving cars, until you’ve never got behind the wheel – all that knowledge is worthless. I dont care how much you know swimming taxes the lats, if you never get in the pool, lake, ocean, or river – nigh worthless.

Get it?

Same thing fitness wise, bro.

If you want to do pull-ups, get my book Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS! – which rightly promises to turn you into a stud at pull-ups quickly if you apply the information given to you in the book, if you get it, you read from cover to cover, then you read again, then you assimilate, but end of the day after all this, if you dont get down to brass tacks and do, then I’m sorry but the book wont do a damn thing for you.

“This author knows his stuff from the inside out”, went one recent review.

“But here’s the kicker, his methods only work if you do”.

So true, John!

And it’s interesting, Idiot Evangelist to whom John replied seems to have withdrawn his review, or Amazon deleted it for being spam (since he never bought the book he so called bitched about). More on that here … https://www.0excusesfitness.com/2022/11/06/grizzly-power/) (including Bozo’s original review which John tore apart in his own inimitable style. Hehe).

No, for the morons who claim “I only allow positive reviews” I have no say in what Amazon does with reviews … should be bloody fuckin obvious – but then again, I’m not thinking “nimrod level” I guess. Hehe.

Anyway – back to it –

Same thing for pushups, or anything else, Pushup Central has all the info you need to turn yourself into a beast, a well conditioned human being to be RECKONED with in all regards – but if you yap on about nonsense and never do – then aint nothing gonna happen.

I hate that sort of thing, I also dont like people making conversation for conversations sake, first thing you know, these type of people are usually always on their phones WHILE doing so, like dude, either talk to a guy, or talk to a guy is what I say …

What has the world come to, eh.

Its not even considered discourteous these days for someone to stare at their phones when talking to you. Ugh! (or so called talking).

Ricky, a former friend of mine, just like that, every time I asked him if he was busy, never too busy he kept saying, yet, he’d disconnect me every damn time I called, “because he got another call”.

OK, call back when free.

“But I’m always free”, he’d reply.

I HATE that kind of attitude. Man!

Anyway ………….. Enjoy the videos, great stuff –

And last, but not least, my usage of the word “Habib” in one of the videos, someone has already asked me about this, believe it or not. Hehe.

Yours truly chameleon used to be called that back in the day by the black guys in the dorm.

“Habib, Habib, Bib, bib”, these guys would chant as I came in or went out, was absolutely hilarious, but for a chameleon like me – par for the course amigo. Hehe.

Habibi means friend in Arabic. Habib, probably similar. It isn’t gender specific as far as I can tell . . .

A couple of white guys used to call me Jesus, so I guess it evened out (along with TEMB, him of the “floor humper pushups” who called me a rainbow pimp. Hehe).

Anyway ……. those weren’t my fitness days.

I was either skinny as heck, or fat – and those big massive black dudes chanting Habib, hehe – I still remember attempting to put the Gorilla Grip on one of them and him asking why I gripped so hard, and then replying with … “thats a MAN’s grip!”.


In actuality, dude could have crushed my hand.

Anyway, reminds me of what Vincent – my buddy from the Marines once said in that regard “black guys are the real Gorillas” (strength wise).

And they are. Even if you look at top sprinters etc, all black – I’ve got no idea if genetics and the atrocities they were subject to played a role, but hey – who knows. Every race has it’s own thing, stamina wise apparently Caucasians are #1, brains wise Asians … and so forth.

Stereotypes – I wont even get into the “down there” one. Hehe.

But its interesting, I can sit here – and talk about all this, white guys do the same, they’re called racist.


Goose and gander my friend, and plus it aint like we’re in the Jim Crow era – live, let live, move the fuck on is what I say – I hate shit like that.

So if you’re a white dude reading this and have comments, by all means pass it on – I’ve no idea why saying the word “slavery” means someone is racist, but hey. Takes all types!

I’m out.

Be sure to place the pre-order for Advanced Plyometric Training NOW – it promises to be a SMOKER of a book.

And of course, get thy PAWS on Pushup Central if you ain’t already.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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