“”Very impressive! You’re a strong boy!” .. Well, at least he was honest…
- My word, the inanity

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Another one of those inane conversations while working out I hate SO much (and the guy in front apparently doesn’t get the picture??) – yet, end of it all, at least he was honest, if not in the way you’d expect.

So, out there in the sun, there I was, finishing off 25 pull-ups after a scorcher of a 500 pushup workout -chronicled in video in part, but we’ll get there soon.

As I was doing pull-ups, he showed up. No prizes for guessing who, the guy who “wants to do pull-ups for like forever”, “yet can’t” – and no prizes for guessing he never tried even once (seriously) beyond talk, as has also been well chronicled in these writings.


I can’t stand people like that, that “want” things – for instance, my nomadic lifestyle.

Who wouldn’t want it?

A life full of fun and adventure, settle where the will takes me, work from home, and so forth- and make good $$ while I’m at it.

Yet, no-one is willing to make the supreme sacrifices I had to make for it. And continue to make for it.

No-one is willing to put up with years of hardship, no-one is willing to undergo censure of friends and family for following your dream, no-one’s willing to go through the tough times, but everyone wants the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

LOSERS, I mentally think when I see these sort of people, and there’s tons like this in the world, fitness wise, same thing, everyone “wants it” – the corrugated core, the muscular arms, to knock out sets of pull-ups like it was nothing, but you can count on the fingers of one hand those willing to put in the damn work “in the trenches as it were”.

It’s irritating, what people have become, just pathetic.

Anyway – his opening statement?

Is it cold, he asked me.

This struck me as such a foolish thing to ask that I did not answer, then he repeated himself again, I shrugged, gestured as if to say “what the fuck” – pointed at the sun (it was the afternoon) – and then asked him if he felt cold.

“should i wear a sweater”, this fine gentleman then asked me.

Um – … ask mommy maybe? (dude’s over 50).

Like another version of that almost 40 year old Benny “Bald Benni” apparently he’s called these days, hehe – who can’t move a step without his prompter – and has never been out of Kansas – these sort of people mystify me.

“Sucking off the teat” typifies these sort of people perfectly well.

Dude #1 would NEVER take a risk and upset the well balanced boat and cushy lifestyle he has at home, most of which he did not do much to earn at all.

Yet, he “wants” the freedom I have which he does not, and keeps referring to it without being willing to put in the hard yards…

When some people will understand the world doesn’t bend and give according to simply WANT – if you want something you can’t just gab about it . You have to go out there and do what it takes to get it – TAKE IT – snatch it, most aren’t willing to even start.

Anyway, he then badgered me for the nth time about whether I like (living in) India or China better, about how ‘China will attack India one day’ (not like it hasn’t happened already, and not like he dont know the answer to that question, he has answered it himself several times already) …

At least he’s honest though, when asked about the whole India vs China thing, the jingoistic lot in either country (and there are tons of people in both countries that are overly jingoistic) will get raving mad if you say you prefer one over the other and point out FACTS as to why.

He knows that the lifestyle in India sucks compared to that in China, and everyone with half a brain is well aware of it.

I replied “same” – but he asked again, so I said China – in a short sort of manner. I was hoping to end the conversation.

I mean, look, everyone knows China is miles ahead of India – everyone also knows India could have been where China is, yet the people themselves for some reason didnt want to be there, and … ah, but I best not go any further else I’ll have people hurling brickbats and epithets at me for telling the truth, but it’s true.

There is no reason India couldn’t have been where China is today.

Democracy may sound good in theory, but it has plenty of pitfalls, and India is one glaring, shining example right there – of course, the problem in India and Indian society run deeper than just that – but that so called “freedom” (translates into anarchy) is one huge cause.

Not saying china is perfect, but results count, and they’ve got ’em, I’ll tell you that much. Daily life, facilities etc there are so much more better, and if you dont believe me, ask any American thats moved to China and refuses to move back, and you’ll get another answer along those lines.

Anyway ………….

I hate this sort of conversation for conversations sake, then he popped off with “I’m getting a sweater!”.

He got one, showed back up.

I was half surprised he didnt call his maid to get one for him …

I was popping off sternum pull-ups, 5 in a set by then, and his expression upon seeing this and then the words – so ludicrous I fell down from the bar laughing – literally.

“Very impressive! You’re a strong boy!

Huh, I gurgled, laughing.

Now, dont get me wrong -it IS impressive when you can do sternum pull-ups, or even regular pull-ups which most people make a complete hash of, in sets at that, after a ton of other workouts, so thats not what I am saying, it was his “gist” that I’m laughing at.

He repeated himself (and added on “very tough”), I caught my breath, and told him – yet again – “so can you if you do the thing” and that most people can do it, except most people are lazy and fat and sit around in the park wasting their time and doing zip all, hence they get nowhere anytime quick.

(which I’ve told him a bazillion times, I might as well be pissing into the wind for all the effect it has eh)

He then badgered me about “why I did videos”.

For my customers, I told him.

“Do they pay you”, he queried, knowing full well the answer to this.

Well gee whiz, I started …

“How do they pay you?To your bank? ”

The winter must have addled everyone’s brain around here I was thinking. Is that even a damned question???

(I actually ended up having to answer this, if you can believe me!)

Then he pestered me about how many customers I had, I asked him what was up with all the damned questions, he was like “I want to be like you, do what you do!”

(no you dont pal)

But externally, I smiled.

“You gotta get yourself in shape first!”

Oh, no, no he went.

“I’ll show myself as an example of what not to do!”

And at that I had to laugh out loud – LOL as my daughter keeps saying – the height of lunacy, yet at least honest.

As he disappeared, he yelled “if I need examples to show of what TO DO – I’ll use your videos!”

Sure thing, pal.

LOL … not.

Know what I can’t stand about this sort – my friend Ricky (former friend) like I’ve said before is like this too.

When you ask THEM something about their life, they run away without talking about, yet want to squeeze every drop of damn info out of YOU.

But I guess at least he was honest about some of this …

“An example of what not to do”.

Indeed, people … they look for ANY and all excuses NOT to do the thing…

Anyway, I’ve been having some superlative workouts as of late.

And today, I bring to you two more styles of pushups NOT there in Pushup Central, although thats because they can be kind of extreme for some people, and while they WILL be there in the work up to it section in the book on one arm pushups, are they necessary?

No – but they’re great to do, give you a superlative upper-mid back CRUNCH – workout – if you do it right!

More here –

(I’ve no idea why they call those typewriter pushups, maybe because the motion mimics old fashioned typewriters – remember those?? I took a class in that in school once, I believe!)

(And while calling them archer pushups may make sense – somewhat – to me they’re all different variants of what I like to call “side to side” pushups- so thats what I’ll call ’em).

And then, this!


Sometimes, caught between Mommy and daughter when Mom’s calling her in for a meal, the little girl wants “10 more minutes of play” – I feel like ole John Grimek did when same thing happened with his son.

He’d somehow convince his wife to let him play 10 more minutes “kid really wanted it”.

Thats a real man right there as for yours truly, the wife was complaining about “you let your daughter run circles around you”.

Well, doting dad I’ll always be, hehe.

And thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – A few more shorts –


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