- Yes a feast, hehe.

So, ’twas a feast tonight -not quite of the order of the outdoor BBQ’s that occasionally go on around here, but a pretty good on the spur of the moment feast!

Take a look beneath – and while I dont eat meat all the time these days (no, no religious reasons obviously, and no, there is nothing at all wrong with eating meat at every meal either if you so choose – I just dont do it for whatever reason) – you’ll see it was truly meat and cheese night.

Maybe you’ll spot the cucumber hiding within. Hehe. Definitely NO bread though!

My wife was in one of her rare moods (good) tonight and asked me it was enough, if I needed anything else – both before dinner and during.

Before, I was like maybe a few flatbreads.

Hehe. During?

I was like … yeah, three plates more hun!

Nah. Fact is, I didnt even finish that entire plate of cold cuts – some of it has been left for tomorrow’s lunch. Ditto for the chicken spread – although I did polish off a lot of cheese. Hehe.

Nice treat, gotta say even nicer since it’s on the spur of the moment, and unplanned, the best things always are, and of course, with all those pushups and pull-ups and squats I bang out, I need it .

3 more?

No way, hehe – I’d become like “big Bald Benni” if you get my drift if I did enough of that. Back in the day when I WAS that obese (well, not that bad, but fat nonetheless), I’d probably polish off more than that!

Benni – reminds me of those fat jolly Italians polishing off plate after plate of sphagetti dripping with homemade tomato sauce, hehe.

Anyway – thats a lesson unto itself, or two –

Excess of anything, even protein – makes you FAT – what you don’t burn off or digest gets added on as … well, pure lard.

And two, when you work out hard, you’ll be hungry as a horse all the time, but you’ll also know when to STOP eating.

A switch goes off inside, and my stomach simply wont “accept” more food.

Its a different feeling from if I wasn’t working out, I’d probably stuff myself MORE in that case, funnily enough.

Truly, my methods train you both internally and externally – and for pushups, that ole time favorite, that ONE exercise you can do so many damn variations of, that one exercise that will WHIP you into super shape and then some – well, crack open Pushup Central NOW.

And another one I’ve been sayin but apparently SOME of you still have not heard, place that pre-order for Advanced Plyometric Training NOW my friend.

Dont be cheap, that book is going to be utterly brutal.

And thats coming from someone who wrote Battetank Shoulders

OK, enough for now. Off to digest, hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul mookerjee