The Easy and “so” way of improving performance in bed!
- One of the best reviews, hehe .

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On the Animal Kingdom Workouts page, I’ve written about how if you do what is mentioned in this course, follow the exercises and routines religiously – actually, if everyone would – then all of those people – or a substantial amount of them – might well put the big V out of business, hehe.

Yes, you heard me, the blue pills…

Literally – exercise done right this way – the NATURAL manner – it causes so much blood flow to the core and loins that even those of you with tiny peckers (Schofield comes to mind) will feel like and perform like SUPERHEROS in bed, hehe.

OK, scratch the “size” part – it aint how big it is (ahem, but sometimes it IS, ask any lady!)- its what you do it with and how you use it – or any other muscle.

Lots of fun today, especially out there in the park where a yoga guru took some videos for me that I’ll share later, and it was great teaching him how to do Gorilla grip work – the RIGHT WAY.

That sort of training will make a monster out of man – training the natural way, as I told him.

He was complimenting me on  my grip strength etc, but I was busy doing the same for him.

Look, yoga might not be as good as what we do around here overall, but it damn sure has it’s benefits isometrically, and as I told him, building the grip, tendons and so forth.

This dude can do some pretty cool things, including do L -sits on parallel bar, hold the frog pose on them and thus forth.

But, his pull-ups were off – despite him being slim and in shape.

Just goes to show you, pull-ups aren’t just for big people, and being slim and fit doesn’t necessarily mean you can do either pull-ups or monkey bar work well. It will show if you can, indeed, while filming, the first video got cut off because … well ,dude thought I was done but I wasnt. Hehe. Another round remained!

Anyway …

Here’s a great testimonial on Squat 101 from Saka Jubreel

Thanks, I really appreciate.
I learnt way to do squatting exercise the easy way and so way to improve your performance on bed.
Am really looking forward to learn more about squatting exercise.
Remember . If you ain’t squatting, you aint training !

Amen, Saka! Hehe.

And hes right, with the type of squats I teach you in the book, all the different variants – – tough ones, easy ones, all of them – they ALL work the pelvic floor and muscles in a manner NO other exercise does.

Most people, yoga gurus included do NOT go ass to grass in the squat, which is a BIG mistake, both in terms of not activating the glutes fully, and not employing full ROM – and therefore, not optimal results (but you’ll still GET results, just nowhere near what you would if you did it right).


This great book has been flying off the shelves, and I’ve had to, especially with the superlative workout video attached to the book consider raising the PRICE of the book several times already, so get this NOW – next time you might be paying a “pretty penny more” for it.

And thats that – oh, enjoy the grip workouts, and the pulling! (today wasn’t a pushup day – it was a pull-up day, all 100 of them and more!)




Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Gorilla Grip is the best tool to have in your grip training toolbox, my friend. Along with the techniques I teach in Gorilla Grip -ADVANCED! – you will literally have a smoking hot grip of REBAR if you do what I tell you in these two courses, as a customer said, “if you want to develop a grip that is literally TERRIFYING!

If that sounds of interest to YOU – get these courses NOW.

Hi Saka –

Thanks for getting back to me with your thoughts – much appreciated! And you’re welcome – and YES – you’re right – squats DO improve performance in bed – much more than any sort of steriod, or Viagara etc ever could!

Thanks for your kind words on this book – much appreciated – and yes, if you ain’t squatting – YOU AIN’T TRAINING!

Rahul Mookerjee


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