Why I rarely, if ever use the word “hate” …
- Energy, my friend.

No matter how much someone might piss me off – unless it’s Schofield level – I rarely, if ever use the word “hate”.

Thats not to say I dont “hate” things- everyone does – some things.

But way too many people use this word more than they should – hate – haters etc.

I use the word trolls and losers, and a hell of a lot more, but hate? Nah – I dont use it that much, nor would I want to – either use or FEEL true hate.

True hate, my friend, is an emotion that DESTROYS from the within.

Napoleon Hill spoke about constructive and destructive emotions in Think and Grow Rich – it applies to fitness, life, anything you might put your mind to – any goal.

If you’re consumed by hate, you might succeed for a while, but it will catch up to you.

If you, on the other hand use the ANGER fueled by hate as a propellant to bigger and better while you “forgive and forget” – well, then you’re on the right track my friend – my track.

Anyway, its a complex issue, thinking in PICTURES is what we all do. And words paint pictures in our minds – and hate paints too much of a negative emotion in my mind which I do NOT want to attract into my life.

More on this in a video today .


Workout wise, some great stuff as well!

And that my friend, is that – enjoy. Oh, PIck up Zero to Hero! for more motivation along with Gumption Galore – truly information from the trenches that actually works, proof in the pudding, unlike what the so called self help gurus teach …


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – the Jump Rope video was inspired by the “Iron Mike” discussion going on in the Ship. That is great stuff guys – keep it GOING!

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