Sets, warm ups, and more …
- Do I count warm up as part of "muh" routine. Hehe.

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Do I count warm-ups as part of my sets?

I originally wrote about this here

Today, I thought I’d get a few things off my chest while larking on about this topic – and I have in video format – here –

Along with a WHOLE host of other videos – check out the channel for more. I really have to get a better “fuggin” hehe angle on the side to side pull-ups and some of the more advanced pull-ups I plan on showing from “Pull-ups from STUD to Super STUD within WEEKS!” (with jump rope workouts)


Oh, and if you’re phat Benny or his ilk trolling both this site and my videos and shamelessly grabbing ideas off me – I mean seriously, I put out videos about something, and a whole bunch of trollish sorts write monologues about it themselves the day after – or hours after –  like seriously, can’t you fucks be a little more original? lol.

Then again, their logic goes thus “the internet is free, we’re on the internet, anything you post on the internet is fair game to be copied”.

Like cementing their loser status with a big fuckin capital L, not to mention some of these turds like fat Benny can’t even DO a single pull-up if they tried – at least not as in getting their chin above the bar. (well, I take back the “if they tried” part – they’re too lazy to do the needful in terms of trying).

Oh, and you fool – “China” isn’t Asia, and neither is Asia “China” – seriously, explaining these things to trailor park Benny’s – perhaps not worth my time or anyone’s – liberal “live on my wife loons” that dont know their ass from a hole in the ground …………. ah, but we went there before did we not. Hehe. Yeah, we did!

I get it – being successful means being aped – usually by lunatics and clowns that dont have a dime to their name let alone an actual business or any sort of real earning capabilities (or by fat trolls posing as some sort of an expert when the only exercise they do is finger flicks on Tik Tok or the potty walk from dining table to potty and back), but I suppose its good to call ’em out by name once in a while, since these ass wipes simply wont bugger off from here on their own (they’ll show up again anyway even if i call ’em out. Heh).

Apparently fat boy’s logic is someone can come up to you and pester you left, right center, up and down while you’re minding your own damn business and you have to be nice to them. (pander to them).

(much like what fat boy does himself around here – haunting this place like the ghost that never went away – see Ragini MMS for that one, hehe – hot chick if nothing else!) (or see 2, with the lovely Sunny Leone in it!)

(certainly not “Bald Benni MMS”, some of those shirtless pictures he’s spammed me with in the past with other fat guys that I can only guess are his boyfriends – just sick!).

Hmm — thats the liberal way, maybe. Fuck the liberal way, in case you didnt know.

And no, fat boy isnt the only one either, theres trolls out there of various sorts and I mention some of them in the video as well (some of these idiots writing back about my choice of clothing for one would be better off on the erotica site!)

My way is what the girl said in Texas Chainsaw Massacre … WELCOME TO TEXAS, MOTHERFUCKER! 

Hehe. Double barrelled at that!

Anyway. Seriously these clowns piss me off no end, but what are you going to, lunacy in general is what the world has effin descended into …

Thats that …

Oh, good news – we’re about to register another one of our business – I’ll keep y’all posted on that too, though its not a fitness related thing, but just an update for my list!

Always makes me happy, moving ahead no matter what – and thats what counts, in life, fitness, or anything else.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – To “Bald Benni” (another nutjob that was an employee here before I booted him for lack of results) – another clown who won’t stop haunting this joint if you paid him to (and thats saying something given he never has any cash), that hair be going at the rate of knots, and the nose is getting longer at about the same rate at sticking it where it dont belong, in case you didnt notice, its hangin down your fat jowls, almost …

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