When you’re too exhausted to do even a single rep of the pushup (or “too sore to”) …
- Insert term of choice.

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Make no mistake about it, my friend – I trained today, and trained hard – but not nearly as hard as I go everyday.

Hard enough though – and given the park was damn near empty for a change, all chronicled on video too – youd think it would be the perfect day to hit it SUPER HARD -yet, ’twas one of those days where doing even one pushup felt like a chore, so “sore” was I – I know it rhymes, no pun intended.

Much like I told my daughter whose wanting to watch Republic Day (in India) parades tomorrow, well, “I dont mean to rain on your parade” I said – pun intended, because it might well RAIN here tomorrow for all we know.

Anyway, these days will happen, especially for those of you that do what I do, between 300-500 pushups daily, between 70-100 pull-ups – and a lot more (clubs, sprints, jogs, rope jumping and such).

And you’d think it would be a day for isometrics, yet, oddly enough, that made up part of the day.

What I really did today was Animal Kingdom Workout movements – the basics, yet the staples even in that book, amongst all the other great 68 animal movements I put in there – these being the FROG jump – and the BEAR crawl.

I was thinking of hammering out alligator crawls too – maybe next time.

And I put out a great little “killing two birds with one stone” here –

And then here –



And then I put out some more thoughts … on the economy, first off here –


(this one is sure to ruffle many feathers, but all I say is spot on true, so all I can say is dont watch either if you a) believe in only ONE way to pronounce a word, hehe – or b) are a Mama’s boy or “suck off the government teat” sort of easily offended person … )

And lots more too on the channel – enjoy!



I’m sure I’ll be back to high rep tomorrow, for today, the wife told my daughter “well the day is young, get him to finish his pushups and pull-ups in the evening!”

Daughter needed no second invites, of course.

“dad! INstantly after lunch, hurry up – dont dwadle – a 1000 pushups and 10,000 pull-ups!”

“Get to it, Dad!”

Hehe…. She almost said “chop chop” did the Little Princess!

That she can even think of such numbers when it comes to workouts – well, she sees high reps in front of her daily damn near, so …

And thats the sort  of example you need to be setting to your kids, my friend, not the lazy fat entitled “sofa to potty” workout types or two minute Tok Tik nonsense or such …

Alright, got that off my chest.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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