Fat breeds … well, fatheads and more FAT.
- Ugh.

I remember talking about “sizes” back in college – nah, not THAT size.

About big guys, fat guys, the lot with my friend Bruce – who was “forearm strength” wise far stronger than I at that point – otherwise, a skinny guy – yours truly, pretty damn skinny too (before my swimming days actually these, definitely before I stopped swimming and climbing several sets of stairs daily to the dorm on the 4th floor and became PHAT with the ex girlfriend’s cooking) …

I remember mentioning how huge some guys lower bodies were – not necessarily in a fit sense, and I’ll remember what ole Bruce Clark rightly said.

“If those legs have to carry all that mass around …. ” 

This evening, I received an update from a guy whose been following a troll around here for a while, and to say what the guy shared was pukeworthy would be being polite.

Imagine a fat obese guy with bitch tits hanging down his waist damn near (serious case of gyno) wearing something thats a cross between a Scottish kilt and a mini skirt for women – and pulling the latter up to display a triangular shaped crotch in a most obscene fashion.

Ostensibly, the import is supposed to make us believe “his legs are big and strong” (although they look anything but).

He even cautions against any ideas of real fitness by saying “they’re not defined”, but the whole image is so cringeworthy. UGH!

It looks like what he is, a guy unable to decide on his or her gender, a guy that is lazy and fat – a guy that looks like he does the only sort of exercise he promotes ie. two second TIk Tok bursts, and then sleeping on the couch for hours later.


Now, lots of you would have rightly guessed who this troll is – Bald Benni whose rapidly racing away to grab the spot for #1 troll here …

Y’know, the fat loser who hasn’t paid a single bill in his life, mooches off the wife for everything, has no money of his own, doesn’t do anything but sit at home and play “fitness guy” while he grows fatter, more obese and more miserable at not being able to make a single sale no matter what he does …

All of you know him.

And while he’s not important in the grand scheme of things, I mention him solely because … well, his sort panders to the inherent laziness in most people these days.

Human beings are inherently lazy to begin with – just ask a certain Jeff Bezos on that one!

And if you keep selling them the concept of “we’re big, not fat” (when the reality, both medically and aesthetically is the polar opposite) – along with a whole bunch of dodgy supplements that are more harmful to people’s health probably – or just as harmful – as being fat and overweight – then people in general being as lazy as they are will eat it up. (despite maybe not consciously wanting to).

Believe me.

I could make millions pandering to this sort of thing if I wanted to, but I dont for a reason – the same reason I dont don saffron robes and become a long haired Baba.

Because it ain’t right to con people, which is what con artists and scammers like this Benny do (speaks legions to his sales abilities, or lack thereof, that even with all this hes barely ever able to sell anything) …

Because that ain’t fitness, let alone real fitness.

Maybe Big Bertha fitness, yes, and by Golly, “Bald Benni” aint the only one promoting this – theres tons of fat, obese women out there promoting this sort of thing too.

Most recently I saw a female powerlifter on Twitter – anything BUT fit – but she posted a whole host of “excuses” as to why she was “big” but not fat.

Look, nothing against her powerlifting ability, but being strong and powerful doesnt mean you have to have a flabby corpulent MIDSECTION.

Fat around the midsection gives it all away, and medically is the worst fat you can have – period.

When I was fat, and still pounding out pull-ups I had HUGE arms for one – but did that mean I was fit and healthy despite my obvious strength back then even?

Heck no…

And back to this Benni – some affiliates around here have questioned just how it’s possible he could not make ONE SINGLE sale – not even one.

EVERY affliliate around here has, or has made at least SOME sales.

Not so fat Benni – and the reason was not what Paul thinks (one of the higher ranked affiliates around here) that “I didnt help him”.

Sure I did.

I did more for him than I would for a lot of people – Paula on the other site excluded, but shes the polar opposite of Benni – I am TRULY lucky and honored to have someone like that work for me!

Hell I even put his picture on the page of Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) in the hope it would motivate him to do more than throw shit against the wall and see if it sticks, but ultimately you can’t change the way a person is if that person wont be changed.

Beyond the inherent laziness and utter lack of any sort of plans, thinking etc though – one more reason the guy failed to sell a single damn thing?

Or two, actually ..

One, he’s a flat out liar.

That much is obvious by how he talks about high rep workouts that looking at him it;s plainly evident he’s never done. Even if you dont look at how he looks, just listening to him talk about how 500 squats in a row, or 500 pushup workouts are “boring” – man – its bloody obvious the guy can’t breathe without telling some sort of lie in the same breath. And talking about doing high rep workouts, losing weight – the classic example of the obese doctor we all know who rails at his patients about losing weight … (and then wonders why they dont trust him, like I have not many a doc. Lots are smart crooks interested in one thing – their own damn pockets, period – I know this from when my daughter was born and how they forced the wife into a C section when it wasn’t required, the rounds we made – for months – and the money we spent on a stomach problem of hers – and a colonoscopy too – in hindsight, NONE of it required, and neither did it solve the problem!)

I dont know very many people at all who knock out 500 pushups daily, yours truly is one.

And I could describe those workouts as many things, but boring they aren’t – ditto x 10 for squats which the guy is too lazy to do, does in terrible form when he does do ’em, and clearly fudges the numbers on his workouts all the time “to try to sell” while being as his friends call him “morbidly obese”.

And so he does step ups, which are easier for him given the levels of fat he carries, in his case a classic lazy man’s excuse for not doing squats (and gives the other exercise  a bad name too).

People can smell BS from a mile away, especially coming from a corpulent wannabe like him, so that is one huge reason. I mean lets face it, if you look like you’ve got  a serious case of gyno and constantly lark on about how much weight you so called lost … nah, that dont fly BennyBoy.

Secondly, guy was more interested at times it seemed in sending me his flabby bloated pictures than actually working for a living, all he wanted was “bro talk” it seemed.

I didnt tell him this initially so as to not dampen his even by then shrinking enthusiasm … Turns out in hindsight I might as well have, would have saved myself the hassle.

Anyway – back to “legs looking big”?

Look, if you’re going by looks alone?

Then the thighs should look like the biggest part of your body – not simply “big” carrying even bigger around (unless it’s one of those fat pelican leg guys  running around).

Look at the ancient Greek statues – or even yours truly – or anyone truly fit.

The thighs will instantly strike you as being the meatiest portion of the body, accentuated even more by a narrow waist and “non existed” belly – a DEFINED, strong midsections – a BROAD back – packed chest – all of it without being too overly muscular – and strong forearms with cords running up and down them – powerful traps, strong neck, and so forth.

I could write a poem on all that, but thats the gist.

Contrast that with if you’re fat – the legs might be big, but nothing, not even size XXXXL clothing disguises the fat hanging down the man tits and belly … ugh.

And people like this promote it as “real fitness” , when in reality its Big Bertha fitness, so it needs to be called out, period.

Its lunatics like this that troll real men like us writing real books on fitness (that they ain’t even read) …

Oddly enough, their lies are one huge reason I sell so much.

I know thats a Profit Troll secret out of the bag.

But it’s true, like a customer once said “If youre that proud of Pushup Central, and the trolls see fit to troll it the most, then I must have it”

Look, pal, pulling your skirt up ain’t how you do it.

If you’re truly confident in how you look, do shirtless workouts – and see what people say.

Oh wait, they’ve already called you out on the bitch tits, gyno, utter lack of fitness and so forth…

My main beef with this sort of clown isn’t so much all the above, but their lies – period. I cannot stand liars, and these guys are grade A liars and scam artists – and anything you hear this sort say – do take it with a massive pinch of salt. Or two.

And stay away from their supplements, indeed, I wonder if these dodgy supplements themselves aren’t in part along with laziness Fat Benni never loses an ounce of weight (him and others like him).

Long story short – if after all this you’re still more interested in Big Bertha and her supplements, then by all means go for it but that sort of thing won’t be welcome around these parts, my friend.

Other hand, if you’re into real fitness from the inside out –  a no nonsense approach to fitness that has been rightly hailed amongst the world’s greatest in terms of fitness – well – go here – and grab the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The #1 exercise for big, strong powerful legs is the SQUAT, my friend. Nothing replaces it, and no amount of lazy fools claiming exercises like stepups (good in their own right) “replace” squats. Nothing does, not even climbing hills daily for hours which I’ve done for years upon years, nothing replaces the feeling of mincemeat for thighs after a good set of squats, anyone that tells you any different is a fake and a sham – and a scam artist, and likely a loafer too whose never DONE them, period, and is just whistling Dixie out his fat rear in that regard.

Remember, if you aint’ squatting, you aint training is a maxim that is as important as (like grip strength) breathing itself, and as much of a truism.

And the book that gets you going on squats like NO other will is Squat 101.

If you’re in any way, again, serious about real fitness as opposed to Big Bertha Fitness, then you’ll grab this NOW, period.

And thats that!

Oh, and as for fat breeding fat, in my mind it breeds CONTEMPT – especially when said people try and pass it off as “different fitness” or Big Bertha Fitness. What have people become, eh.


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