Why although I love and prefer training in the GREAT OUTDOORS – you should never, ever, ever discount the value of training at HOME.
- Amen.

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I remember an old Muhammad Ali line about doing roadwork (maybe it was Ali, not sure – I think it was) outside at 4AM in the morning when “no-one else would dream of doing it”.

Day in and day out in the cold weather, rain, sleet, whatever it was – and I mean real cold, not “1 degree Celsius cold” – he did it.

It’s those hard yards you put in when no-one else either does, or could be bothered to it, and even a lot of doers shy awy from doing ’em – that win you the match.

Ali was fond of saying matches are won away from the ring, on the road, out there on your lonesome, and he was spot on my friend.

Without that strength and conditioning, you have nothing – both together – you got it made.

Now, what does this mean for YOU – and I?

It means this – simply put – not all of you, most people reading this, are pro boxers or athletes with a required dedication to their routine that the vast majority of folks can only dream of.

It also means that for some of us, despite being equally dedicated – there are times when outside just wont cut it, like today where I’m at – cold, rainy (the cold isn’t an issue for me, the RAIN is – and why? The thick bars become impossible to grip in that rain!) …

… and you have a choice of doing nothing, or doing the same thing indoors.

Thank “God” for pull-up bars – hehe. And the 0 Excuses Fitness System – and the workouts in Pushup Central and Squat 101 – all of which, a combo therein I’m fixing to use TODAY in my workout – all done at home.

Maybe I’ll stream it, maybe I wont.

One thing is for sure though, I wont skip my routine.

And I’ll be back to the great outdoors tomorrow again …

And thats the message for this one.

Back soon – oh, maybe I’ll watch some sports too, in SUNNY Weather hopefully. Hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

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