Why dangling the bait doesn’t necessarily mean ALL fish will bite.
- I can just imagine

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I can just imagine -nay, mentally, the conversation has already happened in the mind, therefore the results in real life, some idiot (nah, I’m not referring to either ANY troll here nor a significant other – I’m referring to the “Queen” of that heap if you get my drift, most wont, hehe, but I’ll let you guess WHO – again, NOT a certain significant other being talked about here or a troll) …


“He hasn’t succeeded”, this idiot bawls while talking about, ignoring the fact she’ s never earned a Rupee or penny or whatever in her life, can’t stand up for herself during an argument she initiates (she puts her husband in the firing line and he’s happy to take the heat) – and she keeps obsessing about me like so many haters and trolls do.

Difference being?

Everyone obsesses about me, yes – thats my nature. Hehe. I’ve always been that way – but the vast majority of people do it because they’re jealous of my success – nomadic lifestyle (who wouldn’t want/love it) -freedom to do exactly as I please with my time, business (which I dont run according to some idiot Guru telling me how to run it) – CHOOSING with a fine grained comb the type of customers I WANT here and dismissing the rest – and so forth.

Difference is, this lunatic does so because …

… ah, let me take that back , deep down inside she knows it aint about success or failure, its about the fact the prodigal son, the hell raiser, the iconoclast did not turn out in a suit and tie as she wanted, slave to the corporate world.

That don’t mean they didnt almost succeed at that goal though – for years, I gave it a shot, but our destiny is what it is, mine was never to sit at a desk job.

It would take a grand buffoon not to notice that from a young age…

Anyway – dangling.

This “genius” often takes advantage of her gender, shows up to “dangle the bait” and make statements she knows beyond a certain point due to her age and SO CALLED status she (thinks) she can get away with.

Statements that would ordinarily rile up anyone listening to the point they’d go berserk.

I used to too, years back.

Now, being as used to Nazi feminism as I am, I turn around it on her, and that riles HER up, and then of course the defense (which is utterly pathetic) steps in if you get my drift, pathetic from a logical and all other standpoints.

Now, point?

Well two, one,  if she had some actual brains which she does, or I should say, had applied herself to marketing, she might have actually done somewhat well, maybe.

Marketers dangle the carrot or bait all the time. Hehe.

thing is not all fish are idiots or lunatics …

And to get the SMART fish to bite – you have to dangle, except your shit needs to be backup by two things -one, results, and two LOGIC.

And that, combined with the expert dangling brings the bacon – or cheese – or both -home.

So many people get the last right, first two – woefully wrong.

Anyway … thats the cricket for now, pun intended.

Bait for now – and it’ll damn well get you in the best shape of your life whether I dangle it in front of your nose or not – the 0 Excuses Fitness System 

Get it NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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