And the copyartists are … OUT as usual in full force.
- I love it.

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I just love it, with these trolls and copy artists trying to ape me no matter what (despite “carping” on my say it like it is – especially fat phocks who love me like nobody’s business (eww, that came out wrong!) (no pun) – and then the opposite the minute I call a spade a spade and call them out for being lazy, fat and unfit – which is what they are basically).

One clown even calls me a cult leader.

Actually, he isn’t the only one that calls me that. Hehe. He’s just pissed off big time – I remember General Michael once talking bout Uncle Bob “he’s just a pissed off taxpayer like me!” – except Benny Girl doesn’t pay any taxes, he doesn’t even work, ah, but I digress – nah, with him that one line of “you’re fat” took him over the edge and he never really recovered. Hhe.

Poor guy.

Taxes. Yours truly has to file three seperate returns this April, not to mention … ah,four, if you count money coming back from Uncle Sam which I gotta file another return for. Fun. (pun)

I’ll buy him a calling card so he can call someone who cares, oh wait, this nutzo doesn’t talk apparently because he has the voice of a 16 year old school girl (wait, I’ve been saying HIGH School girl confronted with her crush – and lo, fat boy uses the same term now after a bit of a delay – dude, high school? My wife said once I look like a 13 year old (and your addicted self has read that email multiple times too, boyo, so stop pretending – hehe) which was the stupidest thing – or the best – because looking like that – and being that damn fit at almost 40 – well, thats why my customers love me – thats why I’m the REAL DEAL – and more – “bodyweight exercise guru”, as a customer John said “thats certainly not a bad thing”), because he needs a script to read from to say even the simplest of things, and because apparently he has ADHD – according to him, at least.  (at least he’s not lying about the last which I appreciate, I’ll give him that – as opposed to the rest of his rubbish).

Anyway – I love it.

I put videos on pushups, the trolls and copy artists put out their own versions.

“Look Mama, I bettered – or TRIED to – better the bodyweight exercise Guru”.


I knew when I started to live stream a lot of other people would copy and follow suit.

And so they did.


Same thing for my full workout – or “part of full workout” videos I’ve been putting out as of late…

I dont believe in coincidence no matter what, and only a complete fool would believe in coincidence when “like clockwork” these lunatics, tongue hanging out do their version of copy job right after I do. Hehe – a day or so later…

Anyway – beyond that, here’s something they wont copy – or can’t actually.

We’ve been making some MAJOR changes to our internal login system, and have added some great new features for you.

Be sure to login, check out your account … You’ll see it’s a new look, and we’re adding more and more features – one of which being the Forum will now be free for all, I believe in the very near future.

We’ll see how that goes, but I believe thats one thing – plus a whole host of other social networking features added in – we’ve now grown to the point it’s required.

Certain things of course will be limited to the Ship as always, such as all digital downloads included – and of course, in the very near future again – physical copies of books as well – both hardcover and paperback.

And that, my friend is the update for now – oh, I done crashed my computer again with all the live cricket I watched apparently yesterday, while working on the site(s). Go figure!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Squat 101 is going great guns, and it’s a MUST have for ANYONE – even REMOTELY interested in fitness. Get it now, even the trolls, fat buffoons and every one of the “haters” (though I dont use that word too often, as I said) – while trolling me on it – are doing … SQUATS and MORE of THEM after my calling em out for being the bi***** they are! Now if that isn’t an example of lunacy right there, I dont know what it is… Hehe.

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