Why i keep carping on results above ALL!!
- And it's the right way. The only way!

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I’m seeing first hand (as I reinstalled Winblows yet again on the damn system) more proof – as if more was needed – in terms of why I carp on results above all.




As of late, actually for the past few months, the “lovely” significant other is doing …two things.


One, some sort of relationship counseling based upon hocus pocus, tarot cards and all sorts of astro nonsense (which is great if you belive in it), but really, it’s all a sorry excuse when you pull out the “it’s not meant for you because you were born in so and so year and because Saturn is in retrograde” and so forth .


Its utter tripe, yet this is what people are buying into these days. More and more, actually.


I’ve often spoken about the lunacy of self help gurus offering advice when their own lives are at a point where they can’t afford $2 for half a cup of coffee. Not even kidding ya ..


People of course look at the pretty You Tube backgrounds and buy into it.


Yesterday, the wife was bitching about some guy that claimed she was scamming people with her BS advice.


Now, the wifes advice is free for now so in that in regard no, But when I heard that, I kept my mouth shut, But…given all the BS i hear all day long that passes for “advice” … I have to agree.


And if you look at her life, it wouldn’t be that different from a lot of the trolls I speak of,never has any money, always dependent on someone for something… Always pulling out the excuses, blaming someone for the “evils” in her life..


Yet, she’s not by far the only one doing it. This is exactly the problem I have with social media, YouTube etc – people that haven’t done the thing or don’t do it professing to be experts in what is essentially BS (i.e according to these jokers your lifes destiny is “predetermined based upon stars, constellations etc”) (and if you look at any achiever of note, you’ll see,that (yours truly included) their life paths, nunbers etc – if you went purely by all that – they were anything BUT conducive to achievement of any nature).


I wouldn’t really give a shit, but she’s on the damn phone all day about this horseshit, like a customer once told me “you must have the patience of a saint”. Ughhhh… Like when will people learn that there are things like headphones, typing etc??


Here she sits, spouting Nazi feminist bullshit about how men are responsible for the world’s evils and women should sit and do nothing. Ugh. What a pain.




Fitness wise


This is why I carp on RESULTS above all and of course, with these self help idiots, the idiots that go to them will never ask them for their own RESULTS, how their own lives are…. Hehe.


Would you take advice from a bald man (not Benni, lol) on growing hair??


I think not.


Sex advice from an eunuch? I think not…


Same way,with the proliferation of trolls and fools out there that do nothing,claim to know it all, and are fat, slovenly and out of shape- with idiots that sell you the promise of get fit quick with X supplements and so forth… And so forth, my point is this (I’m on the phone so pardon the typos -not, hehe, plus this idiot is gabbling away on the phone about a load of shit she knows nothing at all about) – results.


Again, would you take advice from fat boys – that are obese no less claiming they are experts on conditioning? Or advice on pull-ups from someone that cannot do evenone properly?


You’d be an utter idiot if you answered yes to that (those) above question(s) my friend. And there are plenty out there ..


I didn’t sell books on pull-ups before becoming a stud at pull-ups myself .


I did not start teaching people how to do pushups and get fit before I became a fitness expert myself.


And so forth.


My results are out there for all to see.


And that, ultimately is why I outsell most of the other bozos out there – despite my prices and everything else, which will stay reserved for an exclusive bunch of people willing to pay for knowledge as a customer recently said.


And the proof is there in the pudding.


Alright,enough of this . More when I get the computer back up online.


For now, if you’re interested in learning about real fitness in the trenches from a real guy that’s been there, put in the hard yards, been on both sides of the spectrum and thus forth….then, the 0 Excuses fitness system is for YOU.


Go here and grab it – https://www.0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/



Rahul Mookerjee

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