The monkeys monkeying around on the monkey bar…
- Ugh

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I probably should have videoed it – like I did another interesting distraction yesterday.

It was an interesting day yesterday – in all regards. Workout wise, I showed up to the park after creating that video on affiliates – which really all potential affiliates DO need to watch. Matter of fact, I have to edit that page now as well – let me do it …

… After that, I showed up ready to do pull-ups – lo, what do I see? It was almost China in India – I saw a bunch of sheepish looking (Asian looking) dudes “dancing on command” to the tune of some girls that were flicking their fingers and giggling away in the afternoon sun, comfortably sitting as the guys “danced” – some weird sort of dance that was so hilarious I videoed it – yet, its what old ladies do in China, similar. Hehe.

I found out later they were from the North Eastern part of India, which makes sense, despite all the border tensions – there is a LOT these people have in common with China. I’d love to live there someday!

Let’s see if I will. If it’s meant to happen – it will! – and it SHALL if you put your mind to it, anyway ……….

… it was a perfect setting for my other business (ideas) so I took a video, unfortuantely the dumbphone did not record it right, so no dice, or I would have uploaded it.

They were all college students, I found out later from a nervous girl who came up to me to chat – as I was squatting watching some idiots monkey around on the monkey bar.

Monkey bars are a HIGHLY effective, and even more underrated tool available almost anywhere that you can use to blast your upper body strength and gains – especially GRIP gains – THROUGH THE ROOF – if done right!

Thing is, most dont do it right

Thing is, most get scared of the calluses these build in record time, and Im telling you this now, if you’re into serious grip work – then you better get prepared to accept bleeding calluses, my friend – at least if you’re a guy – a real man, if you dont – you’re simply NOT.

Gloves do NOT cut it.

Real grip work means you grow calluses, there are no two ways around it, and I’ve spoken tomes about my own grip work, how people “ooh and aah” as I casually, perfect form like a “Da Xing Xing” (Gorilla in Chinese) swing myself across the bars.

It’s an art- monkeys and apes in the wild do it naturally all the time, take a look at their grip strength – even the “young uns” that grow up gripping literally – to their mother’s stomachs when they’re babies.

It’s something I mention often in Gorilla Grip, and Gorilla Grip (Advanced) – and Gorilla Grip (TIPS!). 

And it’s a MUST if you want to develop that ROCK SOLID kung fu like grip I’ve been told I have – and DO HAVE.

That unnatural pullin strength I have, despite my size, I can easily pull people thrice my size towards me – like when I first met my great friend from the Marines Vincent.

He made that comment, so have tons of others (Alan – I still remember the expresion on your face and the limp wrist – LOL!)

Anyway – this also drives idiots to make fools of themselves on it.

MOST – 99.99% of adults, and 80% of kids out there today cannot exercise on the monkey bars, period.

Pity, especially when it comes to kids. They’re just too weak these days it seems!

Too tough, everyone says, and as I saw some priests from a nearby temple decked out in their priestly garb make idiots of themselves, I should have really videod that too.

Trouble is, dumbphone was not co-operating, so I squatted, watched them with a smile, and talked to the chick from Arunachal Pradesh.

Maybe I’ll see her again today – I’ve got a feeling I will. I’ll keep you updated on that!

most people take monkey bars and thick bar work lightly.

BIg mistake.

It’s one of the BEST ways to develop ferocious APE like grip strength and POWER like never before though your upper body if done right, also a pre-requisite to getting better at the mighty pull-up and all other upper body work you do!

Get cranking TODAY.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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