Deep breathing done RIGHT.
- Youll want to see- and HEAR THIS.

Ive said it once, I’ll say it again.

If you’re not breathing DEEPLY – the right way, like a baby does, from its midsection while working out – you’re not really reaping all the benefits you can get from your workout, period.

So many folks hold their breath during tough movements, which is a bad mistake (but one that happens when you start).

Loosen thy breath, become more flexible, improve, the world flows to you – and as Martin Farmer Burns famously once said (and he’s right) – deep breathing alone made many a sick man well, many a weak man strong.

“Baba” Ramdev in India was railing in 2020 against all the BS Covid restrictions, and the need for oxygen everywhere – he was like, and rightly so – “God gave you all the oxygen tanks you need!” while thumping his chest.

True dat, yoga guru. Which he is. Hehe

Deep breathing is all you need, and you have all the tools to do it right – everyone does.

And one of the hallmarks of doing it right is your breathing should be so heavy one can hear it if you’re standing even a few feet away from the person.

And rather than “say it”, I figured I’d do it – yet again – for y’all – on a Twitch livestream (where we’re really picking up some solid steam along with our Youtube channels!).

Enjoy –

And remember, if you ain’t squatting?


And thats the bottom line, circa ole Steve Austin.

Hellatious workouts await ! (got that from Ole JR , hehe. True blue Southern boy, loves his BBQ sauce like I do!).


Rahul Mookerjee

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