When going DOWNSTAIRS is a chore. Hehe.
- And it is for some people!

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So many memories on this one – starting with “Uncle J” (as I called him, hehe) – an old boss of mine, the “first”, almost – who used to be in the Air Force (interesting how I hang out with these types – I remember “General Michael” – him of the sit at home and making 4x what I was in the office, which wasn’t bad at all either – telling me about (when I first met him) “I’ll be the guy that looks like a bum off the street sitting on the corner swigging a beer”) …

Hehe – I can identify – I’m the same way! Its all about function for me, of course, the girls might have a different opinion but thats … well, hey. Girls love us bad boys!

Ayway – Uncle J?

So one fine evening we got off work, elevator was packed as usual, or not working – China back in the day wasn’t that bad though – that was a good hotel we worked in! (and I took a certain Ann Lee there half drunk too, lol) – and Uncle J took the stairs.

one thing led to the other, we spoke, and he laughed.

“You can tell I get very little exercise when going DOWNSTAIRS is a chore!” 

Uncle J and his cigars. Hehe. And my “China Camels” at the time. All great memories, I still remember complaining about the (to me) “Extra small” helpings the Chinese meals seemed like (which wan’t true – I just didnt know how to order more!) – and Uncle telling me sagely “neither one of us looks like we need to eat more!”


Or, Marc the African Silverback Gorilla, us carrying beer (well I was) up like 18 flights of stairs.

Elevator was out – one of them.

So rather than wait I nudged the Gorilla, those massive arms that can deliver a huge punch – “let’s just take the stairs!”

That we did.

Going downstairs was a chore for HIM after that – I remember his voice telling me the next day “man, I feel wobbly just WALKING!”.


“You’re in excellent shape, man, I could barely hear you breathing!” 

All of that has been chronicled here, of course.

Anyway – I’ve been thinking nothing but HILLS as of late.

Its been a while since I did my long ass hill climb routines, my hikes, and I dearly miss them.

You can do all the pushups in the world, all the squats – but much like nothing replaces those and pull-ups, leg raises etc – NOTHING replaces hills, period.

The sheer BURST of energy you get when climbing steep hills, those endless stairs you see at the very start of 0 Excuses FItness, those endless slopes (but stairs, mostly) – nothing compares.

Not climbing stairs, not subway stair sprints, not step-ups, NOTHING – NOTHING comes close to the real deal, let me tell you that (though they’re all fantastic alternatives that I use all the time) – and for a guy who used to hike for hours a day non stop – well, I know a little something or two about it.

A guy who Brooks Kubik back in the day wondered if I was in the army, such was the ferocity of my routines – if you were on his list, you saw the email he wrote on that!

Us old timers stick together. Hehe.

Brooks was – and is still HUGE on hill climbing – ask him, you’ll see. He used to do it all the time in Louisville KY back then – these days from what I can tell it’s more rugged beach workouts – which aren’t bad – I did them in Oman all the time, but I’d rather hills.

The Indian Himalayas are by far my favorite place in the world to visit – and be. I’ve said that so many times, and as you guys on the Ship know, our other Youtube Channels which aren’t really public knowledge as of now will soon be that – and will have more on all my travels (indeed a very extensive package).

For now, just follow us here – https://youtube.com/@0excusesfitness 

And other than that, back to hills – NOTHING replaces or beats them. If you have a hill around, drop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and go climb that sucker – or walk it – or simply get out in the fresh air and BREATHE deeply.

It’s so worth it, all of it, I’ll tell you that.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – My world famous course (apparently even the picture on the book cover is a cause for curiosity – hey, look, man, – it was CNY 2018 at the time, I can’t help the crowds. I dont like ’em, but it is what it is, and the security guard that helped out – xie xie!) (I still remember him shaking his head at the crazy foreign devil doing what I show you in the book. Hehe) Advanced Hill Training contains information on the techniques and methods I implemented “being in the trenches, literally” in China – to get myself in TOP shape. You’ll want to check this out now, and you’ll want this book sitting on your bookshelf. This is yet another one of those ones for which even the paperbacks are flying off the shelf (no hardcover as yet though – but thats in the works!).

(And yes, I’ll be on a hill soon again. Watch this space for more!)

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