Where’s Jane?

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One of them is still in China, I believe, no longer as rail skinny as she was when I first met her doing yoga like a champ in 2016.

I next saw her in 2019. I knew there was something familiar about the place but I could not place it, neither could she place mine – or so I thought. When I later spoke to her on wechat, she told me “she gained weight so was shy to talk when she saw me”.

Hey, the weight suited her – she was way too skinny before, but she didnt believe me!


Anyway – that memory aside, the question posed in this email has nothing to do with that jane, or maybe it does …

Video explains all, and its one of the very best exercises you can do for the upper body – monkey style – and develop crushing grip and shoulder (and upper body in general) strength to boot while getting a lean and flat abdomen in the process too.

Notice how I swing in perfect form across the bars.

This is an exercise even kids these days are hard pressed to do, and adults – forget about it!

those that CAN do it mangle it horrible, and flail wildly on the bars before dropping down.

You CAN get good at this with practice though, and this exercise is one of the keys to developing that rock solid corsucating “kung fu” like grip men more than 3x my size have told me repeately I have.

“You PULL people towards you!”

“You have the GRIP, once you get him down on the ground he’s yours!”

Anyway – here’s the video –

Enjoy – and remember to pick up Gorilla Grip, Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) – and Gorilla Grip (TIPS!) now (if you’re indeed serious about building a rock solid, world class grip – indeed, grip training is AS important as breathing, my friend – just as important!).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you want animal like strength, conditioning, endurance and “lasting power” if you get my drift, then you have to TRAIN like the wild does. You have to make this training a part of your daily life – the way it’s done in the wild. Animal Kingdom Workouts shows you how – get this book NOW if the above interests you in any which way, shape or form. One of the most comprehensive manuals EVER written on the topic, and I doubt I’ll ever have such a comprehensive product out again even on this site. Get it NOW.

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