Drop and give me… 20!
- An age old test of fitness, strength ...

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I’ve no idea where that number came from in terms of the Marines, and it being used extensively in terms of the number of reps per set a Marine should be able to do – repeatedly, over and over again – out there in the hot sun (or cold waves if you’re a Seal) – with weight on – sometimes without – when you’re exhausted and haven’t slept/eaten for days – and so forth.

Like the pull-up done RIGHT, a basic test of fitness – even in the Army I suspect.

Today’s workout was mostly – for me – sets of 20 x 6 “Marine style” – or boxer pushups – which I detail how to do those in Pushup Central. one of the most brutally effective pushup styles out there, they make you breathe hard and heavy, and SWEAT – especially if you’re out there in the SUN – and they are likely the ones Iron Mike used to do in set of 40-50, I believe – not the “Tyson pushup” that is commonly attributed to him.

Nothing beats the regular pushup, Ive often said that – lots of people place great emphasis on table pushups, reverse pushups – so you should.

Those, especially the latter, are prime tests of fitness and how long you can go without stopping.

(and fat or lack thereof around the midsection).

But you never ignore the basics, the regular pushups, never ever …

And 20?

While you could drop and possibly give me 50 in perfect form the first time (not most people, but those that can) – the next sets won’t be that easy ultimately. Between 20-25 in perfect form is what you’ll find you can crank out mostly – and while you could do more maybe, that number for some reason, like “500” in terms of overall rep counts is GOLDEN.

I said in Fast and Furious Fitness that EVERY man should be able to do slow and steady perfect form 25 pushups, regrettably very few can. And thats just the basic pushup..a.

Anyway, I got in 201 pushups all in all, this was after filming the pull-up videos, and 20x 6 + I believe … 15x 5 plus a few odds and ends here and there, and there it was.

And thats how to do it.

Day in and day out, hard and heavy – keep hitting it!

And, never lose focus on form and breathing – as you can see in the video tutorials on the pull-ups, breathing is PARAMOUNT. That exhale truly does rocket you up when combined with the mind muscle connection done right.

All for now.

See y’all soon!

Oh, if you’ve STILL not gotten Pushup Central (like some people on this list have not), just what the heck are you waiting for?? Quit being someone whose content to stay on the sidelines or someone content to be a cheapass and let the world pass him or her by, or whatever the reason is, this is truly a book every serious fitness trainee must have on their bookshelf. Get it NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

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