The ruffians that spoke to me at the park entrance . . .
- (today)

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It’s interesting that I mentioned Fast and Furious Fitness in the last email my friend.

The sales page for that book makes mention of RUFFIANS – and rightly so.

You know what I mean by ruffians, right?

Those idiots that sit out there in the park with nothing better to do than stare at people, ogle women, make snide comments under their breath, gossip up a storm about “what that dude is doing” – observe people like me like you would a movie star, right down to the color of clothing and type of fuckin shoes I wear, exercises I do (except you know they will never do it themselves, and it irritates the heck out of me, I’ve no use for that kind of person – losers incarante basically).

Sometimes I wonder if these people even do any work or mooch off their wives etc – a substantial portion of men – so called men here – in this area i’m at – do just that!


I put out a video on this a few days back .. .

But anyway, these ruffians are also the sort that show up where you are – the minute you start working out, they show up, guffawing for no reason, hee’ing and hawing, and so forth, and of course – doing the one exercise attracting the most number of ruffians – the pushup (closely followed by the pullup).

The way these ruffians mangle the pushup. UGH!

Three of them were out there yesterday doing their version of buffoonery while I worked out – and kept my distance – and calm – and cool.

The English language was apparently new to them also, and they kept saying “hey man!” from afar, trying to catch my attention, but no dice – not that I showed them.

One started doing horrible pushups as I said on the livestream. Just a disgrace, flopping up and down like a slim version of a beached whale, chest 30% to the ground, and he did “100 reps” that way, his arms moved like an inch maybe in the pushup.

They did all they could to get my attention, when they saw they weren’t getting it, they took off.

Before they did, I couldn’t resist telling them how to do pushups, so I did. a

“You dont do pushups like that, friend. You go all the way up, down”, I said, and showed them.

Why the HELL does the mighty pushup attract so many loon and losers my friend – it’s annoying as heck!

Then again, the way it’s potrayed in movies, common culture, where rep counts hold “sway” – pun intended – over FORM!

They made a biopic on the great Indian sprinter Milka Singh, and while that movie had some great training montages – running uphill with ankle weights (sprints) – plyometric pushups – and more – one scene in which they show Milka pumping off 100 pushups is utterly ridiculous, not even one of those pushups is done slow and steady, chest all the way to the ground and back up.

(apparently it was also a contest to see how much clarified butter he could down after 50 pushup sets. Dont ask!)

Really, get form down pat FIRST my friend. Reps & rep counts come LATER, and are never the most important, form is always #1 and deep breathing!!

Back to the fools though –

They fell silent, and then babbled about “we do them at the gym”.


Dont seem that way, fellas, but what does Mr Pushup Central know, eh.

Today this set of 3 loons cornered me again at the entrance to the  park.

“You’re late, bro!” one yapped.


I HATE it when people call me bro – especially people that dont know me, or barely know me – now my friends and close buddies – thats different.

Pet peeve, but I was in a great mood, so grinned back.

“You’re very observant”, I noted. And they were right, I was late.

I was running around from pillar to post, like a hobo – or homeless man looking for a place to rest his head.

Except, I was looking for a proper place to take some pull-up videos on a regular chinning bar (no thick grips etc) (no thick bar either) … just a regular chinning stand without apes and buffoons following my every move like Mary’s little lamb followed her and staring at me as you might a movie star. Ugh. That gets old real quick!

i found it, took the videos, but it took some time.

Ruffian #2 said I was half an hour late.

“Oh no”, I said. Maybe 15 minutes.

But upon thinking about it, ruffian was right, it was closer to half an hour than 15 minutes.

This of course is a prime example of Schofield like ruffians and buffoons who waste their time on social media, prance around the park talking rubbish to the DOERS – who waste their time observing and talking when they should be and could be DOING.

Just think, if he simply silently followed me from a distance.

There are no words for the great contempt in which I hold such people, do nothing’s, sit around in the park, yap all day, accomplish jack nada.

Outward though I was in such a sunny mood that I almost saluted the Ruffian, and almost said the following –

“You’re an outstanding citizen!”

Inside joke for those that get it.

Anyway, the point of 0 Excuses Fitness is to get in great shape – not to show off.

But people have gotten to such a level that even basic things that EVERY man should be able to do like for instance 5 solid pull-ups, chin over bar in ONE set – and I’m sorry, if you can’t do that, you’re simply not a real man or strong enough … or maybe at least 15 good pushups – preferably 25 – or monkey bar work – are enough for them to stop and gape “oh my Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwd look at himmmmmmmmmmm”.

It’s pathetic what so called men have become, buffoons in general.

Of course, global leaders aren’t any better – just look at the State of the Union address a few days ago where Joe Biden gave yet another prime demo of why he’s the person MOST unfit to be President in the history of the United States of America.

Mike Pompeo, you cannot take over quick enough!

I’m out.

Be sure and be a DOER, not a “sideline gawker” my friend. Pushup Central is the book you MUST grab to catapult yourself to the ranks of elite when it comes to the pushup, and to get good at pull-ups – start with the info given in “Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!” – and progress from there.

Rome was not built in a week, but you’d be damn surprised at how quick you CAN build it if you stop vacillating, dilly daddling, wasting time, procrastinating and so forth – and rather – just – DO!


Rahul Mookerjee

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