Horses for courses, and more.
- And then some.

It’s been an interesting day today – right from the start – till the end – the dreams I had that as usual were “premonitive” (is that even a word??) – and all that showed up in dreamland happened a few hours later – like clockwork, when I least expected it . . .

The Ruffians showed up again in the park, but they didnt pester me today. One parked his ass down next to me while I was doing pull-ups, but he quickly scooted off thereafter. Yay!

Anyway – as I watch the much vaunted Aussie (as of late) philosophy of “horses for courses” backfire so spectacularly in the first Test against India – IN INDIA – which is such a tough endavor even for a top team like Australia that they call it “Mission Everest” or something similar – two thoughts ring out in my mind.

First, why the Aussie selectors didnt stick with their time and tested philosophy of playing the best players no matter what is beyond me.

True, horses for courses works – SOMETIMES.

But the best players are always also the ones that adapt best to conditions, foreign and alien conditions as well – while the “horses” might not be the best.

You have to have faith in your best, and stick by them.

And two, I’m sure they’ll bounce back – here’s to a very competitive next Test!

How does this fit into anything fitness wise?

Well, fitness wise, and life wise – so many ideas I’ve had – have been trolled roundly and criticized by all and sundry when I FIRST came out with them (good thing, as I explained in no less than THREE videos on “Tell the world what you’re going to do but SHOW IT FIRST! – I didnt “ask for permission” first before doing it – once I did it – people loved it, and still do!) – and later became extremely successful.

Pushup Central, Squat 101 – people whine a lot about “just pushups” or “different books for different body parts – why” and so forth.

A lot of this whining is trolling and price wanking, so it doesn’t deserve mention, but sometimes, often times, the best ideas are ones even customers dont know they “want”.

Believe me, if I had asked people about “should I write Pushup Central” – the reception would have been lukewarm at best.

Why just me?

Amazon, that megamoth of a company – started out selling books.

One day, Jeff got the idea to ask 1000 randomly selected customers about what they’d like to see him sell – OTHER than books.

Varied answers came back – thick and fast.

One guy even wrote in saying he wanted windshield wipers, because “he needed them like now”.

Lightbulb moment for Jeff, and the rest is history.

Yet – some of Amazon’s biggest money spinners like Amazon Ads – AWS – or even Prime? (#3, #1, #2 – in that order) – were NOT ideas well received or even “recieved” at all initially.

No-one even thought or believed next day delivery was possible until Amazon DID it.

No-one similarly, would believe that pushups are an all in one workout – or, those that want to do “only pushups” (though you should do more!) – can – and still be super fit in all regards.

Horses for courses, choices, more choices for people is the way I see it, is the way I’ve always seen it, and will always see it no matter what.

Plus, you’d have to be an utter fool like Glyn to say “just pushups”.

Truth is I could write a book on each of the different variants of pushups and squats I’ve written about, and still have more to write – there always is!

Anyway – that bit of brain dump aside …

I speak of keeping your cards close to your chest always and often. a

I speak of “tell the world what you’re going to do, but SHOW it first”.

There are many reasons behind this – energy drains being #1.

Often times, TALKING about it takes the place of doing it. Think about the times you were really excited to do something – you yapped on and on about it before doing it – at the time of doing it, where did that energy go ?

Can we say deflated balloon???

I’ve given you examples in the long talks I did on this today – which got interrupted – both by people and the internet so what was supposed to be “one video” turned into three, and so forth.

Then, the subconscious mind – and the effect OTHER subconscious minds have on you when YOU announce your intentions to the world.

Believe me,  my friend “Go and tell no man” is the way to do it, as Claude Bristol wrote about in the Magic of Believing.

Then, you have those who wonder if its OK to tell their life coaches their goals and all that.

Well, if its someone like yours truly whose actually DONE – himself – what he says he has – and is offering you coaching – then by all means yes.

We WANT you to succeed here.

But we dont molly coddle or tolerate BS like a lot of the other so called “self help gurus” spouting affirmations that dont work (“I’m rich!” being the biggest lie out there) do.

We kick ass and get you RESULTS, any other way simply wouldn’t work – either for us or you – fitness wise, life wise, or whatever you want help with.

It’s hard to know who’s on your side at the best of times. You’d be amazed to find out what best friends – family etc – REALLY think about you.

Jeff Bezos once said your reputation is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

He’s right, but I Take it one step further – what people really FEEL about you deep down inside, sometimes they dont even know it themselves until it emerges …

Anyway. Lots to watch on the channel today – including a lot of new workout videos. Enjoy!

Sternum pull-ups and muscle-ups coming soon in the future – maybe before even the books are out. Speaking of which I really better make some headway on all the books I’ve got pending – so many of them!

On that note, I’m out – ah, but in terms of getting products here – the 0 Excuses Fitness System, for instance?

Rather than yap on about “I’m going to do it, going to get it” to all and sundry, and then never getting it – its far better to say that to YOURSELF repeatedly until you DO IT – and THEN you tell other people – ONCE you get in the habit of the program.

Remember, habits are hard to break – good ones as well!

And thats that.

Be sure to pick up the System, watch the videos, and as always, get back with questions.

See you guys around !


Rahul Mookerjee

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