Why “relentless repetition” is the KEY to achievement – lasting ones – at anything, fitness included. a
- Fitness, life, biz, all of it!

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I’ll always remember one of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s quotes – “when it’s tough, what are you going to do? Are you going to be relentless, or are you going to give up?”

Relentless, of course is a buzzword at Amazon and part of their core principles along with “customer obsession” (yes, till this day. Bezos may no longer be handling day to day issues at the company, but he’s still the Executive Chairman (with actual power -unlike some of the other board members – I forget his exact title, but it leaves him a lot of actual power at the company should he choose to return to CEO – and I dont blame him for structuring it that way – his baby basically! – and his thoughts in terms of how the company should be run are still very much being followed from what I can see..) …

And he isn’t the only one that has said this – not the only doer by far.

Henry Ford and his quote about an airplane taking off AGAINST the winds – not “with the wind”.

Napoleon Hill and all his teachings on persistence – and keeping on DOING the thing – which I believe we covered some of that yesterday.

A quote from Pete Lillo, famous baseball player stands out too (not that I’m a baseball guy, cricket more like – haha) –

(I still remember Chris, a friend at USM telling me about “if I wore a Dodgers sweatshirt, then I should be supporting them!”.

I didnt even know who the Dodgers were at that point. Hehe).

Anyway, quote was about relentless REPETITION.

“You cannot go wrong”, I believe was the gist of the quote, if you keep DOING The thing without any second thoughts no matter what.

It’s something that has been repeated often – including in the famous Napoleon Hill story (true tale) and book “Three Feet from Gold” where he says most people fail simply because they give up too soon when the going gets tough.

He includes the actual story of a prospector who is prospecting from gold, finds some initial returns, but then those dry up.

He tries, tries, tries – and eventually gives up, selling the contract or whatever it was to a guy that sold junk for a living.

This guy took it to an engineer, found out that the fault lines for the gold lay like three feet from where they gave up.

He went to work, got the gold, got rich(er) beyond his wildest dreams!

“Young Darby” who was the nephew of the Uncle that initially started the project and gave up “three feet from gold” took this as a learning experience.

And years later, when he became a famous insurance salesman – he had this to say “my experience taught me this – I will NEVER stop asking no matter how many times men say NO”.

And hes right.

Relentless repetition is key to UNLOCKING levels of STELLAR AND SUPERIOR achievement at anythin – fitness, life, biz, whatever it is.

Let me tell you this right now, fitness wise, the HARD yards are what count.

It wasnt easy hiking those hills in hot, humid weather – for hours a day.

It was hard as fuck.

And I could easily have given up in the middle – missed a day – and so on and so forth, especially when there was a chorus of voices around me actively telling me to take it easy and do so.

But I didnt.

I HAD to do it – I was DRIVEN.

One foot after the other, the sweat pouring off me, the sun beating down – sometimes I felt like one of those ancient slaves might have! Hehe.

I remember the Undertaker’s slow and steady walk to the ring as I made my “nth” trek up that hill – and back down and up again – and the feeling of “I did it – again!” – after returning home to A/C, soggy shoes falling apart (it seemed I was buying new shoes damn near every month!) – and cold water, 1.5 liters of it down at a gulp.

I didnt whine about it being tedious, or boring.

At times it was, but I also knew that was what would bring results, and KEEP the fat off long term.

Same thing with my pushup workouts, and why there are so many of them on the channel already in this short timeframe.

I dont piss and moan about it being “too easy” (if it is I make it tougher) or “just pushups” (the simplest things work the best). I don’t fall back on the lazy man’s excuse of “you need more WEIGHT! to build more muscle”. Utter tosh my friend, and the sooner you realize that the better off, and less LAZY you will BE.

I dont whine about it being boring, trust me, there will be days you will be sore, too tired to do the thing – and so forth.

Are you going to wimp out, or keep going?

The answer to this one question will determine where you’re headed fitness wise, my friend.

There is simply NO alternative to the hard yards so many people avoid and try to make excuses for NOT doing.

It’s about relentlessly moving ahead in SOME manner, making each workout better in SOME manner, constantly pumping out the reps no matter what – and going from there.

Relentlessly DOING the thing, day in and day out when no-one else is putting in the hard yards is what ultimately brings home the winnings and the BACON.

As Muhammad Ali once famously said, the match is won out there on the road – Far away from the lights and dazzle…

And he was right. Spot on.

THAT is how winning in any sphere of life is done.

And if you’re a real winner fitness wise, you’ll want to pick up the System true champs all use – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Along with that, make sure and grab some of our other books too – specifically, 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections for a shot – big time – of MOTIVATION – and Pushup Central and Squat 101. 

The above are a bare minimum for anyone claiming to be seriously interested in their health, fitness, and taking it to previously (hitherto) unheard of levels.

Alright, thats it for now.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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