Day in, day out…
- Doing the THING. Getting the RESULTS!!!!!!

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Back when I worked THAT job where I worked all the magic I did – that was truly a magic time, which spawed a book about the lessons I learned during it years later  – a book I have not marketed much as well, but a book, that like all my other books is well worth its price – and weight – in GOLD.

10 Commandments of Successful Sales, or 20 actually as the case might be, a golden gem each one of them.

Early on in that job, the “HR” head (who used to sit and drink with me, hehe) used toe tell me about what the boss said about me.

Good, bad, ugly, it was all brought during the drinking sessions, so it should be, brought up, out of the way, and it worked wonderfully well until the sixth month or so when the boss made the one cardinal mistake a lot of bosses do – that being to expect more and more and give out less and less. I explain that at the end of the book too, it’s one prime reason why employers lose some of their best, most talented and productive employees.

But one comment he made stands out.

“I’m very impressed with Rahul! I see an email from him late at night at 1 in the morning, then early in the morning when I wake up … he’s brought in results in two weeks, it normally takes people at least a month to acclimatize …”

(this employer, like many others, a year or so later – like he told my wife, who I was trying to get hired there during my second stint “we throw them in in the deep end”) ..

Those were the days. (well, they still are!) – Lots of beer, lots of client calls, tons of sales made – WHILE in a state you wouldn’t consider “sober” – and business was booming. Hehe. 2008, before the crash I believe, before my marriage, long story.

I still remember a couple of days post joining the company – I had just turned down a lucrative offer from a much larger company. I do things based upon feeling, and this small startup was – and felt – best for me!

It was my birthday, and there was a family dinner scheduled (this was back in the day when family was still sort of family) – and so I left – 15 minutes ahead of time – early.

1.5 hour ride each way, we did the dinner, then I got back to it – late at night, around 1245, I did my client call (which it was afternoon in the U.S. obviously).

And the next morning, the money came in, and that was the first sale for the startup. Plenty more to come said the boss, sure enough, the money flowed thereafter!

Anyway – why do I bring this up NOW.

The comment idiot made yesterday in a censorious tone. (I’ve been doing my best to pronounce censorious with “sh”. Isn’t it interesting how some words in the English language come from French originally – and yours truly cannot refrain from “old school pronunciation” or to correct Marc the African silverback Gorilla when he pronounces balcony as “baaal-cony”. Hehe. ) . . . “you’re always exercising, Rahul!”

Like what my mother says.

True negativity.

Someone’s doing something, you whine about them doing something and getting results, if they dont get results, you whine about them being useless, losers, and “look at all the others, they’re doing so well!”.

Some people just exist to tear down – not motivate and uplift – not my kind of people for sure!


It’s doing the thing day in and day out that counts, that brings ultimate results and too many people ignore this.

It’s easy to lose track of goals after the initial ra ra’ing and so forth.

It’s easy to get frustrated, despondent, and give up when results are not on the horizon, and fitness wise, especially if you’re starting out from “couch potato” or “tub of blubber” status which many are – combined with the fact these people are usually inherently LAZY (dont feel bad – as Jeff Bezos said, that is a human trait – along with the tendency for the mind to seek out 1000 reasons for NOT doing the thing as opposed to the one reason FOR doing the thing – this is another one of those traits the human race “evolved” to make things easier on themselves).

This combination will mean plenty of tough times when you first begin on that fitness journey, my friend.

In fact, even if you aren’t lazy, this applies big time.

When the going gets tough, most people either stop doing the thing – or give up entirely – or switch paths to “something that feels easier and better”.

On rare occasions, this might be (the last) a way to “temporarily” work around things.

Most of the time, it’s a cop out, and you’re headed straight for failure if you do that.

Bottom line is this – fancy crap aside, there is no substitute for DOING THE THING – day in, day out, come rain, hail or shine.

And this is one of the central tenets of the “10 Commandments of Physical Training” (and life, really) – laid out in Fast and Furious Fitness, 0 Excuses Fitness, and while not explicitly mentioned in my other books- it’s there in each and every one of them.

Whether you choose to implement and take the winner’s way out is of course up to you. I can but advise, I cannot “drag” you to the water, neither would I want to.

That horse must WANT to drink, forcing it never works.

Other great news – Animal Kingdom Workouts will soon be available in Spanish too – already out in Portugese, I believe.   (Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training – next one on the list I think). (We’ll see)

Great job, Marco – and “Gerson” … both of y’all! I’ll have to update the pages on that one …

And thats that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Living in the flow doesn’t mean “do the thing if you want to”. It means do the thing day in and day out in the flow. Set a goal, let it sink into the subconscious, then follow the orders the subconscious mind imparts. It’s that simple. Of course, thats why the self help gurus make it way more complex than it’s supposed to be . . .

Read Zero to ..HERO! for more on this. (and Gumption Galore! for a lot of real life lessons on weathering and bettering – ultimately – tough times). I’ll have more on this subject later, but its always brought up during my coaching session, so if you’re interested, apply NOW.

An old Hindi song I listened to in the school bus on ice cold wintry days (we used to wear shorts back then, British style – does this date me?? Hehe) translates as such

“I’ll keep going, I’ll keep going, never got any support, but I’ll keep going” …

“I’ll keep going because the HEART wants me to … ”

And thats the spirit, pal. thats the spirit!!

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