Magic words that bring you sales?
- Or RICHES...!

It’s interesting, with all the mind stuff my wife is recently getting into – starting with affirmations of “I’m rich” (which don’t work, period, they have the opposite impact) to tarot cards – to writing things down – to … well, I dont even know, the method switches from day to day apparently! …

Thats one key thing – at least if you do or believe in something (so called believe), STICK TO that something for a period of time, even if you aren’t seeing results instantly – or at all – or even for a long period of time.

If you have true belief in something, you’ll always find a way to stick with that thing, keep it going, ultimately you’ll get results.

Most people dont get this, switching from one “guru” technique to the other in the hopes of manifesting it “nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” with good “vibessssssssss” when the vibe they’re emanating is the opposite.

Latest I heard was someone asking her about client proposals, and she told them she’d “look” at the proposal and get back to them (now, she has no experiene in this, she’s looking at it from a language/words perspective – and vibes).

Dont get me wrong, magic words that bring you RICHES?

The great Ted Nicholas wrote a book about it in the 1980s.

“Magic words that bring you RICHES”

(I dont believe I ever used a lot of those words, or maybe I did. I dont know. Google the book if you so choose, no, I get nary a dime for suggesting this to you, much like I always suggest the Laws of Compensation by Emerson as a great, great must have read to EVERYONE)

And a lot of it is true.  (in the first book – the Laws of Compensation – EVERY word is so true that it redefines the meaning of true if you get my drift).

But all the magic words in the world wont bring you riches if …

a) the recipient’s mind is negatively conditioned to think of nothing but “prices”, bills, inflation etc. Sad, but thats what most people think – even when the specter of inflation is NOT hovering upon us – and in this case, no amount of magic words will convince anyone to buy anything.

The old philosophy of people buy what they want – period – holds true in ANY economy.

You gotta find a way to make folks WANT it – the money will come automatically , and so fast you’ll wonder “where it came from”.

Like my friend Rueben said about me  back in college when we were discussing girls, and I was more interested in the beer. Hehe.

“When she sees it, she’s going to want it!”

He was right. Hehe.

Second though is VIBES – real vibes.

Think about it, all the sales I made – with no planning, while “tipsy” in many cases – all that money I brought in from 20 minutes of focused work in the morning, some emails in the office, and a few late night calls – so  much so that the other folks got jealous and started to want me to “do more” because “I could” (without paying me for the “more” which led to the ultimate downfall of what was working so perfectly on auto pilot that only a complete fool would mess with it)  . . .

I didnt paint rosy pictures of what could be done IT wise.

In fact, most of the time all I promised the client was what they wanted – I didnt even upsell anything like I do now.

Yet, they kept coming back – as they do now – wanting MORE.

Whats the secret?

It’s the Law of Attraction, except not the version of it thats taught everywhere …

It’s the REAL law of attraction combined with the subconscious mind – FEELINGS trump all, no amount of magic words will change that – now combine the two done right, you’ve got a double winner!

NO amount of artificial intelligence will ever replace the human mind, as I wrote about in another email – for precisely this reason – FEELING trumps all, and brings results, or lack thereof.

And the state of flow I was in at that time, my, it all worked so perfectly.

Until, and Jason Bourne would agree? “.. then it fell apart, as it always does” – except it dont have to in this case!

Third, and this is a secret not mentioned explicitly in “10 Commandments of Successful Sales“, but look between the lines – you’ll find it in every word if you can percieve it.

This concept of “sales and selling being a bad thing” – that is ingrained into most people’s minds (telecallers, anyone? Hehe) …

Even into those minds – minds owned by people that ARE making money – or amazingly enough – SELLING SOMETHING!

It’s only people that dont have money that whine about high prices – or other people making money when they aren’t.

And they aren’t a lot of times because of many things, but one prime factor – and I’ve seen this in my own family all the time, this constant whining of times being tough when they aren’t which penetrates into the subconscious mind and brings exactly those results.

Only those that need money complain about it, as Major General Michael once told me.

Yes, like with my fitness – I’ve been on both ends, all ends of the money spectrum too, and amazingly enough, I was making good money at my job back then!!

Those that want to complain will find a way, excuse, reason to do so no matter what, and their self sabotage shows in their results.

I realize a lot of this comes across as tough talk, but all of it’s “cent percent” as the Brits would say, hehe – TRUE.

Selling is GOOD. Selling gets products YOU need – and want – into YOUR HANDS.

Selling may be annoying sometimes, but it brings home the BACON. If you aren’t selling hard enough in any aspect of your life you’ll have skinny kids, period. (nah, I aint referrng to those that need to lose weight here. Hehe).

Selling is done repetitively. So it should be, we ALL sell ourselves to others daily whether we’re aware of it or not.

Yet, people buy into the “oh, those salesmen, the idiots! It’s OPERATIONS that really counts” mentality!

Dont get me wrong. Operations is damn important, but as I mention in the book, first off, if you’re the CEO of a company – the bottom line matters, which comes through sales, second, often times, as in that company – operations goofs TERRIBLY – and sales is all that keeps things afloat – like it did with me there (we were a startup, operations had the resources, but not the know how…)

(and lots of people dont realize they have this mentality – it shows though in every aspect of their dealing, penny pinching thoughts and actions, etc).

Anyway …

My books will give you fitness results above and beyond what you ever imagined possible, but nothing comes “for free” my friend.

If you want something, you have to invest in it – believe in it – and most importantly, DO the thing.

And if you’re not happy with your current fitness levels, no matter how – then our products will be a great start.

I always recommend everyone to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System FIRST, but given the topic of this email, perhaps “10 Commandments of Successful Sales” might be a better bet!

Choose – invest – wisely – and then DO.

And that, my friend, combined with true and REAL belief is all you need.

If you believe, you can.

It’s that simple!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I didnt even consciously “believe I could” in that company. Prior to that, the only I.T. sale I made was a $7000 project, and I got that without any real training, “thrown in the water” as it were.

Funnily enough, winners find  a way to rise to the top in those situations while the losers sink …

Money is energy, period. Nothing more , nothing less. It’s a MEANS to an end, NOT the end itself. It does NOT come first. Emblazon that into your mind today – its the best lesson I can impart to you in this one.