“Tarzan, tarzan” went the ruffians. Hey. Thats not an entirely bad thing to be, huh
- A different set of loons.

Another day, another set of ruffians at the local park.

And while I finished 140 pushups – partly with back to the sun, and partly the other way – I sure am glad summer is here – but I sure WILL have to change my workout timings to earlier provided I still do what it is I’m doing for fitness and not my hill climbs etc.

Working out in blazing heat and humidity, I aint no stranger to that, but it dehydrates you, and it isn’t ideal in terms of achieving your best results EVERY time you train. Yes, I did it for long periods when climbing the hill ,YES, I did plenty of it – but that was a different goal there, getting to fit status from being a lard ass.

Different goals now, different way to get there!

Anyway – as I moved towards the pull-up area, I wondered if I should do it at all. Ruffians were everywhere, and of course, sitting on the swings is what these idiots like best other than teasing women (think the louts in the bus in The Specialist – which Sly encounters them after they act the fool to an old lady) …

… One of the fat buffoons, with belly hanging over pants, shirt hitched up without him meaning to do it (belly) – he was exactly the sort.

And he was the dude who chanted Tarzan, Tarzan in a feeble attempt (unsuccessfully) to) to distract me.

And to get a reaction. Again, nothing doing.

Stoically, perfect form, the monkey bar work continued, and most of the guys just gaped in astonishment (they were all clustered around me were the ruffians).

Nothing shuts people up as quickly as monkey bar work done for long periods of time in perfect form does, nothing makes you look more like Tarzan without the Jane hanging on in ALL regards, trust me on this one. Serious business here!

Anyway, they ruffianed off shortly thereafter.

And just to let you know – why didnt I get that pissed off?

Well, as I said in part two of “Magnetizing money to yourself” (or any result you so choose) which should be viewed in CONJUNCTION WITH THE BOOK “10 Commandments of Successful Sales“, NOT Without, as EXAMPLES of what to do are in it – along with Zero to Hero! – and Gumption galore – its about VIBES.

His vibes were the following, juvenile, immature, idiot, phat phock, do nothing, but he wasn’t necessarily being an ass outright.

Plus, the way he said Tarzan conjured up an image of STRENGTH and virility in his mind.

So, it was like the “Da xing xing” comments I get in China …

(big monkey i.e. Gorilla)

No, moving around like a Gorilla on the ground – although thats super – will NOT get you the same results, so its not there in Gorilla Grip (but its there in Animal Kingdom Workouts, I believe) (and the TIGER crawl and tiger stalk are even more beneficial).

A tiger could take a gorilla any day it chose. Hehe. ’nuff said.

But anyway – there’s more than ONE way to be Tarzan.

Another way is to hang by one arm for ages – on parallel bars, with Jane in the other – or not. Hehe.

That isn’t as far fetched as you would think. See what Sig Klein’s story in that regard was (Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!!)) – he literally climbed down a drainpipe from the secon storey of a house on fire with lady in the other hand.

Think “cliffhanger” like grip strength …

And its a great workout, and different from doing it on regular thick bars. Watch the video for more, but rememeber, its also a great way to get better at one arm hammer grip pull-ups, which are great to do along with one arm pull-ups of every nature.

Thats it for now.

Train hard, and remember – what is mentioned in Pull-ups from STUD to SUPER STUD WITHIN WEEKS! is what pull-up studs like Herschel Walker, David Goggins etc have used to get to where they were pull-up wise (where they are I shoud say).

If you truly want to catapult yourself to dizzying “heights” no pun intended, at the mighty pull-up – then this is the course you will want to pick up without further ado and delay – again, NOW.

Do it!

And, I’ll be back . . .


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Our Youtube channel and Instagram, as of late are both rollicking from strength to STRENGTH, and this is a great time to follow us if you aren’t already on both – as well as Twitter. Not so much  a FB guy, but who knows where that road will lead . . .

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