- Boy oh boy, its been busy around here.

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Boy, the last few days or weeks have been so busy they’ve flown past – by – so much so that I have not even addressed some of the idiocy I got from Glyn recently. Hehe.

I will once I get a minute, but for now …

We are TRULY moving full steam ahead on Audible – and here are a few of the books that will be available shortly on Audible –

10 Commandments of Successful Sales 

Zero to …HERO!

Dish Delicious

Gumption Galore!

For now, we’re NOT selling audio books through our site (all through Audible and our other partners ie Itunes etc) – but if you’re interested in doing an audio for us – shoot us an email, we’ll see where we go from there!

And, as a few people have already asked – if you want to be PUBLISHED by us – then do the same.

Boy oh boy, for a guy that steafastly refused to do any of this – how things have changed over the past couple of months, and specifically the last two or three weeks. Truly, when you set your mind on a target, a goal, the WORLD moves apart – the SEAS part – in order for you to achieve that goal – on auto pilot!

I aint going to tell you the goal as yet, in accordance with my “Tell the world what you’re going to do but SHOW IT FIRST!” philosophy. However, the Audible part is well underway, so this is the right time to tell you.

YES, for those of you wondering – the LANGUAGE versions of the books other than English will all be available via audio too ultimately.

Boy, I may have to hire two people just to keep up with all this. Interested?? Hehe.

Now as far as audio goes, I’ve had some very interesting responses!

I naturally chose “General American” for most of my audio (in terms of accent) as that is the most globally and easily understood accent – as opposed to UK, Australian etc – or even Indian – but the fact is this, and its something I’ve told Bozos – especially in China – over and over again.

It ain’t about accent.

It about COMMAND of the language, your ability, your pronunciation, how easy it is for others to understand you!

A long time ago, I remember standing next to a guy in college – brushing our teeth together in the dorm bathrooms – and he (black guy who was the R.A. for our dorm floor) could barely UNDERSTAND what I was saying – the white guys understood me just fine though. Hehe.

And they’d ALL ask me “where I was from”.

At that point, I knew I had to do something which my Uncle later told me – and others too “we couldn’t do it after 20 years of living in the US”.

I had to adapt. Change my accent.

And I did that in the trenches on the fly.

I even picked up a Southern drawl back in the day – when I got my first Job, Uncle J was like “oh yeah, that southern accent is THERE!” – hehe.

I dont whip it out too often now .. no pun! LOL. But it’s there… along with a medley of other accents I can put on, should I choose to.

But I dont. For here, we’ll stick to fitness…

And back to the lady “doing” Dish Delicious for me – the PASSION in her voice for both that book and another one SHINES out – which is what I WANT.

I dont want bland narrations based upon accent alone, I want DEEP PASSION!

And so long as the English ablility is there which it is for this lady, words are clearly enunciated and so forth, thats what counts.

I did not know she was from India until I googled her name, then she said she was, had been living in the US for 12 years, “tried to put on an American accent” – but … etc etc.

I told her to be normal – I told her PASSION is what counts, language ability – NOT accent – we all have an accent of sorts! Normal – natural – plus PASSION is the winning ticket – in all cases!

Like Bruce told me years ago when I was picking up the Southern accent ..

“Your English is better than mine!”

But I’ve got an accent, my 19 year old self protested

“Yeah But it’s a very easily understood – very fluent, easy to understand accent, you dont even notice its there!”

Now of course – different. But learning in the trenches life wise, fitness wise – thats how you do it!

Anyway …

Lesson in all this for you aint a language lesson.

Its something I always knew, but was not DOING.

That being something Jeff Bezos has often spoke about …

“IN business, its dangerous not to EVOLVE”.

And, another sage comment of his …

“We always have to be looking into the future, what was once a tailwind becomes a headwind, you have to adapt, and complaining isn’t a strategy”.

Admittedly, I’ve always looked into the future  – my digital products, the way  I deliver products – very few people in the fitness industry, if any at all – do it this way.

I foresaw the need for “digital” – long before many others, even bestselling authors in their fields – saw it.

But on other things, I’m a stubborn dino!

Video for one, there’s no telling where our rapidly growing youtube channel would be at if I had started videos back in 2018 instead of telling myself “let the world adapt, we’ll market to the Dinos”.

Sometimes, you have to change.

Lets face it, as Vince Palko said in 2020 “The Godfather of Internet Marketing”, hehe – I love ole Vince! – “watching videos, we all do it! Its mindless, its dumb, but we all do it!”

I dont – but PEOPLE do it.

And therefore…

And so it is with audio books etc – but they all still have the dino mentality in them, which will never change!

And that is the lesson for YOU guys – certainly something that will be there in Zero to Hero – Volume Two – whenever that comes out!

And thats it for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – More great reviews on all the above products coming out very soon – stay tuned! I have them, just gotta email them to you, put it on here, etc etc! BUSY!

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