Maintenance is always “easier” …
- I dont mean child support either, heh

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It’s definitely easier when you’re a liberal judge up in NY, perhaps, awarding excess maintenance to a lazy nutter who doesnt deserve it …

I swear, some of the nonsense going on these days. It’s one thing to decide alimony, its quite another to have the man pay the bulk of it when the woman earns literally 5x more – sure, the man isn’t exactly a prime example of “doer”, but still – if the tables were turned – would the same apply to the woman?

I dont think so, more liberal idiocy emanating at the very top, of course …


I meant to write  about maintenance, but not the child support which admittedly a lot of dead beat Dads never pay ..

And this is yet another prime example to get in shape and stay there – as if you needed more, eh.

Bottom line, and I wanted to say this yesterday but I I totally forgot.

Its easier to STAY in shape once you GET in shape.

You dont necessarily need to hike hills for hours to maintain yourself, but I did have to do it to get in shape – one of the things I did.

Same thing for pull-ups, pushups etc.

Sometimes I do high rep workouts for all of these, other times, low rep.

ANd I improve with each workout – somehow, somewhere, which is key for YOU too reading this.

500 pushup workout will never be easy for me – or anyone regardless of whether you’re in good shape or superlative, or terrible.

If they are, you aint doing em right, and those that say they’re “easy” are idiots that dont do the thing period.

But, you can make those low rep workouts tough as heck too!

Slow it down.

Perfect form focus!

Workout in hotter weather (Admittedly that isnt’ required, but I do it anyway!).

Do tougher pushups – or tougher squats (tiger bend pushups, jump squats, fingertip pushups, Archer pushups -some of the tougher ones!).

And thats what I did today during the bulk of my workout.

Including pullups – I did some tough core workouts … and finished off with a smelter as well.

All mostly chronicled on youtube and instagram, and I’m so glad to see the list there growing by leaps and bounds.

And thats that. Oh, for the “apes aping” I wrote about, except they ape the superflous stuff like hair, sunglasses etc – another prime example of why you should be in shape -well, you feel awesome, period – you have that vibe going that only real fitness can give you – you’ll know what it is when you get there.

One sign is NOT having to tug your shirt up and down to disguise the belly, or lift the chin up for better camera angles and so forth, you just be natural and go. As the wife said about her “tarot cards” the other night, “I dont hide anything”.


Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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