Why it’s not hocus pocus – but BELIEF – self BELIEF – and the six inch space between your ears that really counts in LIFE!
- Not beads, not chains, not amulets...

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Not beads, not chains, not amulets…not reciting mantras 109 times, not wearing X color on X day, not not doing laundry on Thursday, not cracked mirrors, not Feng Shui, or Vastu, not religion, not nothing my friend – except BELIEF.

Ultimately it all boils down to belief.

As I told my daughter this evening, if you believe deeply enough the chair you’re sitting on is lucky and will bring you luck -then it will.

The Magic of Believing written by Claude Bristol is a much ignored, but great, superlative read – one that I can identify with, and have used all my life (the concepts in that book) without realizing just how valuable and productive they were, and continue to be.

All all time great book in my opinion, and I’m RIGHT in saying that.

As tough times fall upon people, the self help gurus are making a killing – oddly enough, people following them never ask for either the guru’s own results (apparently X number of followers is enough) or – more importantly – measure their OWN results.

End of the day, anyone can say “my beliefs work”.

The only way to measure if they’re actually impacting your life positively is past or present results, friend. That is the bottom line most folks dont like to hear …

Tarot cards, affirmations, all this crap (though affirmations done right aren’t crap – the way they’re taught for the most part ARE) – is all taking away from the main thing – the mind – of course, as I told the wife this evening, people are looking for a balm to soothe their self inflicted wounds in terms of the economy, and the con men are making merry.

She didnt quite believe the con man part.

Anyway – this dinner – or post dinner conversation – a rarity in itself was about the impending move I’ve been talking about – NOT my own, which I’ve kept as usual, close to my chest, but the one the family is doing.

Lots of packing, taping etc, and apparently the wife’s pissed the numbers in the new house number add up to 8 “because its unlucky”.

I noticed the numbers the other day, to me 8 is the luckiest number ever – there is a reason the Chinese also view it as a harbinger of luck – somehow it fits the wife says the exact opposite. Hehe.

Apparently the Vastu of the house is all wrong (or Feng Shui, depending upon which language you use), apparently the mirrors in the house need to be all covered up – or it brings bad luck (wtf? I wrote 0 Excuses Fitness for one staring at myself in a mirror!) (on a woman’s dressing table no less, haha – the things we do!) (on a wonky computer at that too – the trusty ole Toshiba, 8 years old then..) … and all this stuff.

I know better than to comment or argue, so “its completely your choice” was what I said to all her house advice.

Which it is, I could care less to be honest other than my own cave which will remain functional and utilitarian to a bare minimum until I get to my own moving goal.

Anyway – I couldn’t resist putting in the part about 8 not being unlucky, that led to a whole discussion about how “everything Indian is right” – and numerology, astrology “all very important” – and how Boddhidharma originally came from India (finally something I can agree with – a fact!) (so did Tai Chi etc) …

But I had to keep telling my daughter the two things I always slip into these conversations.

First, it ain’t about cracked mirrors or Feng Shui. Its about BELIEF!

Believe something is true or bad luck, and that same thought penetrates down to the subconscious which then manifests what you “believe to be true”.

Thats how World Wars started, for one .. thats how economies collapsed, and collapse!

Second, repetition of the same chant, the same affirmations, the same incantations lead to belief, and once that belief becomes a deep seated CONVICTION – things begin to happen.

This is how the human mind works, my friend, and its amazing how many people ignore the utter and complete lack of any tangible results in their OWN life in ANY sphere and then try and “tutor” others on it. Amazing, mind boggling!

It’s the six inch space between your ears that truly matters.

I wonder if these people ever process the fact that some of the most successful people on this planet didnt let their dismal astrological “stars” predict and cause failure for them to manifest – the opposite!

Yours truly, another prime case there!

Its not about a black cat crossing your path and it being an lucky day or seeing magpies or what not – or  it being lucky.

Me? Black cats cross my path all the damn time.

To me, first thought that crossed my mind – damn, Im lucky! I’m blessed.

And sure enough, something good comes of it later.

Its about thinking, pity most people refuse to get it.

Anyway – speaking of mind boggling – and minds … here is a great review for Zero to HERO! from a fellow life coach Terrence Miller!

“After reading Mr. Mookerjee’s book,
I was impressed as to how the different aspect of advice were applicable to all areas of my life.

I am a teacher and a coach, and particularly with coaching, I use multiple facets.

I have since used the “VISUALIZE YOUR FUTURE” with my players before practice and games in order for them to use the “six inch space between their ears” more efficiently. It’s amazing how people of ALL AGES can be helped with the advice from this book. Highly recommended!”

-Terrence Scott Miller

Thank you, Terrence! Indeed, that six inch space between the ears is really what counts at the end of the day – and what we choose to put into it!” (unfortunately way too many folks cram it up wth utter and unproductive junk – but thats how the cookie crumbles, I guess! Pity though in that regard…

And he’s spot on – Zero to HERO! can help people accomplish their goals in ANY endeavor – field – undertaking – and any age group – or gender.

The human MIND is what it’s all about

Conceive, believe – then ACHIEVE!

You wont find any of the feel good hocus pocus and airy fairy “sound fancy Tarot card crap” (wife claims more than 50% of the US believes in Tarot. I beg to differ…) in this book.

You’ll find actionable tips that doers throughout the ages have used – including  yours truly – you’ll find stuff on belief, and VISUALIZATION done RIGHT – but not a single damn affirmation, at least not the kind the self gurus spout (Which dont work!).

Look for a great review coming from him for Gumption Galore too.

And thats that, my friend – if you’re struggling, and many of you are – then these books will show you the LIGHT at the end of the seemingly long tunnel. Believe me, there is a way out – its just not what you’re being taught for the most part!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Apply for life (or fitness) coaching HERE if you’re so inclined.

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