What a state high school champ wrestler had to say about Pushup Central …
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Neely, a high school champ wrestler wrote in about Pushup Central (I doubt he has read the full book as yet, so more comments will be forthcoming!) ..

“I’m a state high school champ wrestler, and thought there were only a dozen or so type of pushups! Can’t wait to read the book!”

Now, you might think thats odd coming from a former athlete who likely pumped out pushups by the hundreds in his hey day – remember, he’s an old timer.

But it doesnt surprise me that a lot of the pushup variants I mention in Pushup Central are new for him.

Most coaches – high school or college – or martial arts coaches – will focus on the regular pushup, wide grip pushup, fingertip and knuckle pushups

Truth is, the raw and unfiltered truth – that even these four variants of pushups if done right will make men out of boys my friend. Iron Mike for one focused on the elbows in variant of the pushup in exclusion to most others, and no-one can argue about his results – and he’s hardly the only one.

Fitness phenom Herschel Walker’s workout routine has been widely reported to consist of high reps but only a few actual exercises. Walker doesnt stress it, and he’s right “if it feels good, I do it!”.

So do I.

So does any real doer.

But there are so many styles of pushups that are SUPER effective, give you a great workout – and these aren’t usually even on the list of, let alone towards the top of – most coaches’s list.

I wonder if the high school in TX who was vilified for making high school football players do pushups (bah! What has society become when high school football players land up in the hospital after doing a measly, paltry 300 pushups in an hour – 500 should be the bare minimum?????) has them on his list…

For instance.

Tiger bend pushups, reverse pushups – Bruce Lee “wing” pushups – one leg in the air “torquing” pushups – spiderman pushups – all highly effective and versatile pushups – do we even hear of them, let alone do ’em regularly?

Then there are advanced pushups I deemed too tough to put in Pushup Central.

Like I replied to Neely – I could think of 55 more variants of the pushup right off the bat – its literally one of the most – if not THE MOST – versatile exercise there is!

And these advanced pushups might well make it to Volume Two of Pushup Cental.

Archer Pushup – one arm pushups (thats a book unto itself) – fingertip Jack La lanne push-ups taken to another level – typewriter pushups – SUPERMAN pushups – the list goes on and on and on.

Trust me, my friend, any ONE of these movements by itself – if you even come close to mastery on them – you’ll become a fitness phenom yourself – guaranteed.


I’ll wait on Neely to get back with further comments.

As for you, my friend, those of you that have not picked up the new and improved Pushup Central – with videos galore – get it NOW.

It truly (along with the 0 Excuses Fitness System and Squat 101) the ONE course you MUST have on your fitness bookshelf, virtual or physical – period.

Get it NOW.

Oh and if you want to take pushups to the next level ALTOGETHER – beyond even advanced pushups – then you do burpees, and lots of them.

Talk about VARIETY, my friend – thats another course thats on pre-order right now – a course that has information in it you’ve never ever heard of before most likely, let alone seen.

And that course is BURPESS – Ultimate Conditioning. Check it out now – reserve your copy at the pre-order price while it lasts which it will NOT for too much longer.


Rahul Mookerjee

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