It isnt that hard my friend … IF YOU TRY!
- Case in point.

Nothing is, if you TRY enough and be persistent.

Guy who I keep writing about who moans about “he’s always exercising” and moans about not being able to do pull-ups might want to listen up here!

Not that he’d process it if you get my drift, he’d nod the head and go along, but like Twain said – nodding alone wont rock the damn boat – it wont make it budge, even.

So this yoga guy I wrote about before – a lot of you remember him.

Can do a pretty decent human flag (not perfect, but getting there) – pretty good L sit on the parallel bars – and some other cool stuff – I saw him after a while, and shot the bull with him during a 40 pull-up session (total).

We spoke about just how important BREATHING is – yogic paranayams and so forth (such as the “anulom vilum” I posted on youtube) – and I couldn’t agree more with him.

“Your breath is your power!”

Then I told him about how people hold their breath while exercising, how you should inhale and exhale while doing bodyweight stuff, and so forth … he was on board with the hamstrings being the most important part of the body to train as well.

Right down to the China style slapping massage. Now there’s a guy I can get along with!

And one thing I noticed about him – his pullups which he doesnt do too often – they weren’t full pull-ups, but they weren’t jerky half ass ones either.

And so I advised him the following –

One, it’s not a pull-up until its done from a dead hang and chin over the bar, preferably Adams apple.

Two, I showed him the parts of the body full extension pull-ups – the only way to do ’em right – tax.

The upper chest, near the shoulder specifically  – bottom part of the lats (wings!) – and upper traps and grip plus tricep. He followed my advice and used the thumb without me asking!

Three, I told him his weight was perfect – which it is – so no issues there. Overweight people wont be able to do them I said, no matter how hard they grunt out there in the gyms or otherwise (ditto for proper pushups, handstands etc).

I didnt need to tell him #4, as he said it himself.

Static holds at the top part, which I showed him – which is something I say in Pull-ups -from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks!

Anyway – he tried.

Face was completely red after a rep.

Then a while later, he got a couple of reps, almost.

Then, finally – one rep – perfect.

There, I said. It’s not hard when you try!

And knowing his work ethic, if he works at it for a week, he’ll be on his way to doing them in sets, reps, and so forth.

Nothing’s hard if you TRY – and be persistent my friend.

(He’s holding his breath when he does them, but that’ll go away, I told him once he focuses on breathing …)

And thats that, on a hot almost summer afternoon, even the ruffians didnt show up in herds.

Take from it what lesson you will.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – This dude has been following my livestreams on Instagram, and now youtube as well. And he;s enjoying them, cannot say enough good things about the Jack La Lanne pushup. I dont blame him!

Pushup Central, my friend -grab it NOW. We were talking about how loose and flexible is the way to go, as opposed to the “tight muscle syndrome” you see “always pumped” for gym goers and such – and he’s right about that as well.

I’m considering Volume Two for Pushup Central. shoot me an email, if there is enough interest ,will do!

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