The “thinking pushup” workout, the “great body I’ve got that wasn’t shown in THIS workout” – and ..well, MOTIVATION for Ryan’s little bro!
- Lots to share!

Like on the other business today, LOTS to share!

With all going on, especially this latest project of putting over 150 manuals and books into audiobook format – and all the people we’re collabarating with on this project – its been very hectic – more so than usual -and at the end of a busy morning – with doorbells clattering, people hollering etc – I found a few minutes to think.

Then I figured I’d do my thinking while I did 100 pushups.

So off to livestream, turned out we did way more than that!

I’m truly humbled by people tuning in globally to watch a guy workout – with comments like “Show that great body you’ve got!” – and “You gotta say something to motivate my younger bro working at KFC!” – and so forth … THANK YOU!

For a guy who never did videos, much less livestream with a wonky dumbphone where the battery keeps conking out – its an honor!

And we’re only going to go UP and better from here.

Before I start, one of my biggest detractors here has been instrumental through his trolling and negativity to actually get me GOING – again – on videos which I did for a brief while.

“But you’ve got some great stuff out there, I think folks would really benefit from you showing people how you do things rather than … ”

Yes, Ben, I still have the email.

And though you hate my very guts – I’ve called you out before but fair’s fair – YOU were in part (not fully, but in part) instrumental in getting me going again on video, and then things just took off from there.

(Much like AK said in “Mission Mangal”, hehe).

I’m mentioning him here since I honestly have nothing against him. Despite his words, he’s never crossed the line like Glyn has, and he never would,  and I can respect that about a guy no matter how much I disagree with him on everything else.

But anyway …

So while I was doing the pushups – well, no body on show today, but thats not why I work out shirtless – in the winter, I love the sun – and I do in summer as well – love me that tan!

And second, it feels more natural, nothing to do with showing off.

Third, the motivational speech I gave Isiah – which I probably did not even pronouce right. It’s all there in the video – but Ryan – hope you guys heard it – I believe you did – I was in a tearing rush, had to pick up the little girl from school – but glad to be of service in that regard!

Its about how hard you can GET hit, and keep moving forward. THAT is how winning is ultimately done. Perseverance – in any sphere – be relentless, just keep going, and victory shall inevitably come – be YOURS to savor, and at that point as I say in Fast and Furious Fitness (a great review on the way for this!! – stay tuned) – it will be YOUR credit, not mine

I can merely show you the way, besting me – or getting close – is your choice, up to you, and your credit if you do it.

THANK YOU, everyone!



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Video link –

And hey, guys – if I dont reply via text on the chat window – I’ll do so via voice. Hard to type and do pushups at the same time, hehe. You know what I mean!

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Which is what counts in life. RESULTS!

And, Pushup Central is your baby if you’re loving the workout videos I keep livestreaming! (which lots do – thank you!!)