“UNBELIEVABLE GRIPS that gave the entire family the nickname CRITTER!! Thanks Rahul! Well Done!”
- And, both reviews ring, and are nigh true!

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The ring of TRUTH, as my brother from the Marines would say – you cannot fake it. Neither can you fake the ring of truth you get from the reviews we get on all our products – as they say in India, hehe – all “cent percent” TRUE – and hitting home – and REAL!

Here is what Bruce Cannon sent over from Gorilla Grip this morning –

Rahul Mookerjee has created a great book with Gorilla Grip. My wife’s family comes from a farm in Wisconsin and many of the exercises Rahul mentions were famous on the farm.

Especially the farmers walk. A 5-gallon bucket of milk in each arm hauled to the bulk tank over and over in the morning and evening and a bar for pull-ups and a rope in the barn produced one Brother that became heavyweight state wrestling champion in college and one Brother in the semi-finals at State. UNBELIEVABLE GRIPS that gave the entire family the nickname CRITTER!!

Thanks Rahul! Well Done!


Working on a farm builds SUPREME levels of REAL health, strength, and fitness – much like old school wrestling does. Just ask MY wife, who used to run through muddy fields at 5 am in the morning – she hated it, but her Dad her put her through it, and though she isn’t fit NOW – for many years, that training held her in good stead even when she did NOTHING fitness wise (for many years).

Like I said, once you GET in shape, it’s so much easier to maintain it.

And we aren’t even getting into GRIP strength in particular there … but those Indian women working the fields, laboring out there in the hot sun, much like my friend MJ’s wife, they’re fully capable of taking a bat or fire extinguisher to your head if they so chose, hehe. Trust me on this one.

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the review – that was a great review, and that is so true as well – working on the farm will build “mitts like nothing else will”
in all regards! Carrying heavy buckets, moving bales of hay around, sloshing through wet mud (back in the day before it was all mechanized)
– all of it, superb grip – and overall strength building – certainly stuff that produces champions as it did in your case!


Here’s another one –

Excellent Book On A Very Important Subject.

Hand/Grip training is vital just for survival let alone sports.
If you take the time to develop a strong grip you’ll automatically get stronger all through your entire body, the reason for this is simple, you have more brain signals to your hands than any other part of your body.
Buy this book, train your grip and everything else will become easier, excellent book, thank you.

(John Walker sent that in a while ago!)

Then, one for Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!) –

DEFINITELY my friend! It would be an honor to write a written review for your book! It would be genuine too because I’m really enjoying the read! I gotta get your first two books, like you mentioned, so I can get up to speed and ready for this one! Haha!

Hehe. Parrish Patten hasn’t gotten done reading the entire book as yet – but that is the review “For now”. Be on the outlook for MORE on this in the future.

Well, my friend, above and beyond as they say. If you’re not a proud owner of Gorilla GripGorilla Grip (ADVANCED!) – and Gorilla Grip (TIPS!) – then you’re MISSING out – that is ALL I can say, my friend.

Get them NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Available in compilation format as well! 🙂

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